France Student Visa [Requirements ,Guidelines, Visa Form Attached]


How to apply for a student visa to France?
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General Requirements for France student visa:

1. Filled Online Visa applicant form  [DOWNLOAD]

2. Academic document

3.Admission letter from the university

4. Proof of all legal fees

5. Bank statement

6. Correct processing visa fee receipt

7. Valid Passport

8. Your NIC (National identity card)

9. Two Passport Size pictures

10. Affidavit (Optional)

11. FRC document (list & names of siblings and parents) [optional]

12. IELTS certificate/French language Certificate

13. Travel & Health insurance

14. Polio & Corona vaccination certificate (HCF)

15. Your CV

16. Statement of purpose/Cover letter/Letter of motivation [optional]

17. Other certificates [optional)

18. Copy of flight booking, & Hotel reservation [optional]

19. Police clearance certificate

20. NO objection certificate

21. Detail of the Embassies 


Explanation of all documents for France student visa:

1. Online Visa application form:

Download the visa form, for a student visa to France.
Fill & sign it accurately.
you can fill it online & sign the hard copy or print it out & fill it. 



2. Academic documents for student visa to France:

This includes all your certificates & academic record like

  1. Bachelor’s transcript & certificate (if you are applying for Masters)
  2.  Masters transcript & certificate (if you are applying for Ph.D.)
  3. Metric & FSC transcripts (A level) (DMC’s) and certificates (if you are applying for bachelors)
  4. English proficiency certificate from the university.
  5. Course summary (to explain your courses & how your previous courses & studies resemble your future studies in which you are applying)
  6. 3 letters of recommendations from the university (it require specifically in case of university admission, but good to carry them along with your educational documents)

3. Admission letter for student visa to France:

Your university admission letter must contain your

  1. Date of birth
  2. Course name
  3. The Estimated duration of your course
  4. Official Dates on which course will begin
  5. Tuition fee
  6. It should state whether it’s a Full-time course or part-time, & Licensing information only in the case of private universities).
  7. The letter must be signed by the institution head of the official representative.

Quick Note:

In some cases, particularly at the time of admission, your academic history must be closely aligned with your future studies, so be careful while selecting your course, because you have to convince the visa officer about that relevant course.

4. Proof of all legal fees:

Entirely depend on the individual case.
In most cases, it’s the proof or receipt of the university application fee (pre-enrolment fee) or in some cases, it’s the first-semester fee or the whole year of university fee. 

5. Bank statement for France student visa:

Depends entirely on the individual cases.
Official Bank statement of last 3-6 months (Upto 10,000 $ ) is required.
It’s proof that you can support your duration and study financially.

(If you already get a scholarship, you may not need the statement. )

6. Correct processing visa fee receipt:

The Visa fee is not refundable, so make sure you fill the form correctly. Also, you need to show your visa application fee receipt at the time of the interview.

7. Valid passport:

your passport must have At least 12 months validity. you will also need to provide copies of your visas (if you had any). your passport must have at least two blank pages.

8. Your NIC:

National identity card, your Domicile & your birth certificate.
(it strictly depend on the individual case, in some country’s case it’s the Residence permit )


9. Passport Size pictures:

The general picture format for “France student visa” is following.

  1. Two recent passport-size (35x45mm) photos.
  2. White/light grey background with neutral facial expressions.
  3. Avoid uniforms & the head should be 80% in the photo.
  4. The applicant should look at the camera.

    The same rules apply to every Schengen country.


10. Affidavit: 

(Entirely depends on the individual case)
The affidavit will show your financial independence.
Affidavit of the Parents/uncle or any guardian & even in some cases your own saving and job certificate to show that you can support yourself.


11. FRC document for student visa to France:

(Entirely depends on the individual case)
This document specifically contains the names & information of your siblings & parents. (or spouse in some cases).
This information is needed sometimes in scholarships & visas, so it’s better to make the certificate.


12. IELTS/French Language certificate for student visa to France:

Q: Is IELTS required for a student visa to France?
The only correct answer is, it depends on the country. For French taught courses you will need a French language certificate.

If you are applying from Pakistan, IELTS is very important for a student visa to France; however, it’s not compulsory for admission.
you can get admission without it.
But having a strong band in IELTS increases your chances of getting a “France student visa”.

Want to score 7 bands in IELTS? don’t miss our ultimate guide.


13. Travel & Health insurance:

Everyone needs a travel insurance certificate whenever they are traveling to Europe, to prove that they can handle their medical services in case of emergency or injury.
The insurance will handle the unexpected expenses of traveling.

14. Polio & corona vaccination certificate:

(Entirely depend on individual cases)
The polio vaccine certificate is important in the case of some specific countries like Pakistan, while due to the recent pandemic every country has a different rule for the different vaccine.
Make sure you have the desired corona vaccine certificate for the specific country.


15. CV for student visa to France:

Cv is optional in embassy visa cases but compulsory for university admission.
It’s good to keep it along with your academic documents.

How to write a perfect CV? Check our ultimate guide.


16. Statement of purpose/cover letter/Letter of motivation:

Statement of purpose is optional in visa embassy cases but compulsory for university admission.
A well-written cover letter & Letter of motivation always add extra points to the scholarships/admission you wish to achieve.

17. Other certificates:

This is optional. You can add more certificates of your internships & courses related to your study & field to make your case stronger.


18. Copy of flight booking, & Hotel reservation:

This part is optional. The booking confirms your date of arrival in the country in the particular city.
The hotel reservation shows your proactiveness that you properly researched the process. 


19. Police clearance certificate for student visa to France:

(Depending on the individual case)
You don’t need it for a short-term visa, but for a long-term stay (France Student visa) PCC certificate is needed.
Check here for more details related to France student visas in Pakistan & India.


20. No objection certificate:

Also known as NOC. It is compulsory for some countries.
It’s a letter from your university which states that you can legally return to your country.

1. Must be written by the DEAN or other responsible people like Advisor or HOD (Head of Department) from the university.
2. The letter will elaborate that the student is applying for the Schengen Visa & will come back to the country after degree completion. 
3. If the student got a scholarship, the NOC must include that the student is funded by scholarship.

If you are applying for a France student visa from Pakistan, your all academic documents must be attested from (HEC & Foreign office, etc, ).
During university admission, it’s not important to be attested but during the visa process, it is compulsory.


21. Detail of few embassies for France student visa:


Click here to find all the detail for France student visa in Pakistan

Find all the latest information from your concerned embassies.

Disclaimer: We have cross-checked the data for France student visa, however, we are not responsible for any inaccuracy. Please Don’t hesitate to inform us if you find any mistake.


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