After graduating, you also thought about now what you want to do? You then thought about your plan of getting a Master’s degree in your field and want to explore more. But your to do it in a foreign country, so thought about it and then your know about GRE test but you don’t know proper details. Now what will you do? You don’t have to worry about it because I am going to explain all about GRE test now that you need to know and also how to get maximum in GRE.

List of Topics we’ll discuss:

  • GRE test intro
  • GRE syllabus
  • Analytical writing
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Quantitative reasoning
  • Price
  • Waiver letter
  • Required conditions of waiver letter
  • How can we write a waiver letter

GRE test intro

GRE is a test which is required for students to get admission in many foreign best universities. This test is needed for master’s level courses in many countries.

Basically this test is divided into three portions to check the student’s ability and knowledge.

These three portions are:

·        Analytical writing

·        Verbal reasoning

·        Quantitative reasoning

After passing these test your marks decide in which university you can get in depending on the criteria of different universities.

There are two methods through which we can give this test. The first one is through computer and other one is by writing on paper sheet.

On Computer:

On computer we have 3hr and 45mins and there are total 6 portions.

The first portion is of analytical writing, after that there are 2 portions of verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning each.

The last one is of verbal or quantitative reasoning portion.

Analytical writing comes first in the list of GRE test and then verbal reasoning comes at second place in list and the last one is the test of quantitative reasoning.

You can download or just check the sample test for GRE on ETS site for pattern of test. Paper  (link is here)

But I’ll explain about GRE in detail below.

The analytical writing portion has a time limit of 30mins in which we have to complete 2 different tasks, one of them is to analyze an argument and the other one is to analyze an issue.

After that, we have the verbal reasoning portion. In this portion, we have 20 questions and have a time limit of 1hr.

1hr is divided into 2 portions of verbal reasoning with 20 questions total.

One portion of verbal reasoning has a time limit of 30 mints. After that we have a portion of quantitative reasoning with 2 sections and it has a time limit of 1hr and 10mins which is divide into two sections with 35 mins each.

In these sections these is a portion that has no value and it’s just for research purpose. But the student have no idea which section is for research only. This is the pattern of computerize test.



On paper sheet:

The GRE test has also conducted on paper sheet. The main sections are same with analytical writing, verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning.

But in this method we have 2 portions of each parts. The analytical writing has a limit of 1hr, 30mins per section.

Verbal reasoning has 1hr and 10mins time limit, 35mins each section and at the end quantitative reasoning has 1hr and 20mins time limit with 40mins each section. The total time will be of 3hr and 30mins for paper sheet pattern.


GRE syllabus is also consist according to the 3 portions of test:
1. Analytical writing.
2. Verbal reasoning.
3. Quantitative reasoning.

Analytical writing

Analytical writing consists of two portions.

  1. Analyze an argument
  2. Observe an argument

Analyze an argument:

In this section your ability to analyze is tested in such a way that you have to observe a given article and all you have to do is define that complex article in your words and express your thoughts logically.

You can also back up your thoughts with some examples and should present your view with some strong arguments. This portion of analytical writing is called analyze an argument. You can find perfect examples in this site.



Observe an argument:

In 2nd portion of analytical writing we have to observe an argument. In this section, the argument portion has negative and positive aspects both, so we have to observe that argument logically. The main purpose of this test is to check our ability of observation and how well can we present our observation. In this section a statement is given and you have to describe the both aspects of that statement and you can also find the perfect example for this section on this site.

Verbal reasoning

This section consists of two type of questions:

  1. Multiple choices
  2. Paragraph selection

In this section of test your ability of reading and ability of completing sentence are checked.

You have to read the article and identify the correct answer.

Multiple choices

In this section there are multiple choice questions and you have to identify that one is correct and have to understand the main point of that sentence. In some of the multiple questions there are more than one correct answers, so you check all the correct ones.

Paragraph selection

There is also a portion in which you have to select between the paragraphs. In this section you have to select according to the given explanation. Through these section your skills of reading and understanding English are checked.

You have to understand the meaning of the words and sentences because through this you can pass this section easily because when you’ll understand the meaning of words and sentences then you can easily complete sentences, correct sentences and select the correct options. You can also find the example of this portion through this link.


Quantitative reasoning

In this section we have given a mathematical questions of high school level from calculus, geometry, state and other calculation questions. It’s like checking your mathematics skills and there syllabus is given on ETS site. We have to analyze the mathematical questions and then we have to solve these problems.

In this section there four different type of questions:

  • Comparing values.
  • Multiple choice questions (with one correct answer).
  • Multiple choice questions (with more than one correct answers).
  • One problem of high school level (from any topic).

Note: People who give exam on computer have calculator installed in computer and those who give test on paper are given calculator. So that they don’t have to waste time on small calculations.

You can check some sample examples link here.



General test fee:

General test fee is different in different countries but mostly general fee is $205-$230 in world wide.

Subject test fee:

Subject test fee is same in the world and it is $150.




Let’s suppose you pass your GRE test and you in list of university in which you want to go. But there are some financial issue and your dream of going in that university is not going to happen due to financial issues, in that case you have an option of student loan or GRE fee concession which is given to student to continue their studies that is no more then 1400$.

But you can’t get the concession easily so you have to write a waiver letter. There are some tips in which we’ll help you how you can write a waiver letter.

You have to write letter to student loan department or you can write it to the aid department for students and show them your result. This will proof that you are eligible for this concession.

Required condition for waiver letter

There are some conditions which have to be fulfilled to get the waiver letter accepted.

  • Our academic background is required. You must have a degree of graduation along with your transcript which have your performance record on it that shows how good you are in your studies.
  • It also depend on your GRE test result that is valid for 5yr. You can have your waiver accepted on basis of your performance.
  • You also have letter of recommendation from the principal of your last high school department.
  • You also have to show that you are good in all three sections of GRE test (analytical writing, verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning).
  • You might have some disadvantage if your GRE test is not good enough.



How can we write a waiver letter

When all of these conditions are fulfilled then you can get this offer to write a waiver letter in which you have to tell the department about why you are applying for this offer. Don’t forget to mention your GRE result, while writing the letter.

There some tips for writing a waiver letter that will help you and guide you properly.

But before that let’s have a look at sample of waiver letter.







Format of waiver letter

There is a proper through which you have to write a waiver letter. That format is shown below.

This is the proper format you have to take care of while writing a waiver letter and we’ll discuss these parts in detail.




In this portion you have to write the name of the department of who you are writing this letter for. And you can also write to that department who you are writing letter for. After that you write the date. This portion is not too deep to explain. After that you write the name of the course which you are going to do.


This section is important for you and also important for department because in this section you have to describe the main reason for applying this waiver offer.

  • You have to tell them that why you are applying for this.
  • You also have to tell them about your previous academic record and how good you are on our studies and tell them that you are in merit list so you are eligible for this offer.
  • Tell them how grateful you will be if your offer will accept.





In this section,

  • You have to write about our GRE score and tell them how good you are in all portion of GRE test.
  • Tell them you have full command in analytical writing, analyzing and quantitative reasoning.
  • You have to tell them about your results and tell them that you are passionate about this course.



At the end we have 1 or 2 lines of greeting.


Writing a motivational letter is not a big deal, all you have to do is follow these instructions. If you are passionate about it then you will easily write your letter after reading this. Here is a word of advice that try to avoid copy paste and write your own.


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