Top 10 Fully Funded Scholarship in Australia For International Students


Looking for a fully funded scholarship in Australia?

We’ve got you covered with the top ten Australian scholarships for the International Students in this article.

There is no doubt about the fact that Australia has a world-class education system with so many credible universities onboard offering exciting learning opportunities for international students.

Here’s the list of the top ten, fully funded scholarships for international students in Australia, with detailed guidance.

From enlisting the basic requirements and eligibility criteria to explaining the application procedure, this article covers everything essential to help you study in Australia.

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1. Griffith University International Scholarship:

The Griffith University of Australia ranks among the very few providing great learning opportunities to an estimated 50,000 students at a time.

Maintaining the popularity and quality of education, they are now offering an incredible, fully-funded scholarship in Australia, to outstanding students.

It is a fully-funded scholarship covering all the finances – 2 years for a master’s program and 3 years for a doctoral degree.

Apply today and get a chance to study the course of your choice at the world’s renowned university!


2. Deakin University Scholarships:

in search of some exciting scholarships in Australia for international students?

Deakin University Australia is now accepting international scholarships applications for both master’s degree and Ph.D. degree programs.

The university comes under the coverage of Australian government and offers fully-funded scholarships which take care of all your finances and you focus on learning the exciting new things.



3. Monash University Scholarships:

No matter if you’re a local or an international student, Monash University is offering massive eight-hundred scholarship opportunities for all.

The Monash University Scholarship is fully funded and covers all your finances for both a 2-year master’s program as well as the 3-year Doctoral program.

To learn more about the Monash scholarship criteria and eligibility, you can visit here!



4. Australian National University Scholarships:

Now is the time to turn your dreams into reality with the best, fully-funded scholarship in Australia available for International students i.e. the ANU scholarship program.

You can either do a master’s degree or a Ph.D. degree under this scholarship program and it covers all your finances from arrival to departure.

The ANU scholarship came into existence with the Australian Prime Minister’s announcement that allows international students inside the country.


5. Australia Awards Scholarship:

The best news for students in search of an Australian scholarship program is the announcement of Australia awards scholarship program 2021.

It offers fully-funded scholarships for all the 4-year bachelor’s programs, 2-year master’s programs, and 3-year Ph.D. programs.

Estimated two hundred participants are to apply for this scholarship and the best would be selected.

It has been funded by the Australian government and covers all your finances from the beginning till the end.


6. University of Tasmania Scholarships:

In search of some exciting fully-funded scholarships in Australia?

University of Tasmania has recently introduced one-hundred-and-fifty full-bright scholarships for deserving candidates from across the globe.

Tasmania is one of the top Australian universities and their scholarship program covers both the 2-year master’s degree program and the 3-year Ph.D. degree program.

Get yourself recognized in the realm of research with an exciting degree from the University of Tasmania!


7. University of Technology Sydney Scholarships:

University of Technology Sydney has introduced the best scholarships for international students in Australia.

They are offering an interesting international research training program (IRTP) with a wide range of academic courses – aimed at helping students with great learning opportunities.

It is a fully-funded scholarship program covering all the financial expenses of a candidate – from travel to accommodation to education and everything in between.


8. University of Melbourne Scholarships:

You no longer have to push your dreams because the great University of Melbourne has brought six-hundred, full-bright, graduate-research scholarships for international students.

It is the highest number of graduate scholarships ever offered for both local and international students.

The Melbourne University Scholarship program covers the total expenses of all the 4-year bachelor’s programs, 2-year master’s programs, and the 3-year doctoral program without discrimination.


9. Gilbert Rigg Scholarship Australia:

Apart from the above-mentioned scholarship program offered by the Melbourne University, they’re also offering a massive amount of $90,000 to the Gilbert Rigg generous and their comprehensive scholarship programs for international students.

These programs are fully funded and provide international students with incredible learning opportunities and the chance of studying abroad.

You can learn more about the Gilbert Rigg Scholarship Programs here!


10. University of South Australia Scholarships:

A massive three-hundred, fully-funded, international scholarships have been announced by the University of South Australia.

The program covers 2-year master’s degree program and a 3-year Ph.D. degree program – covering all the finances of each candidate.

It takes care of your expenses from arrival till departure while you can simply focus on your studies and make the most of this incredible learning opportunity.


Wrap Up of Fully funded Australian Scholarships:

There is no doubt to the fact that Australia has great educational institutions offering innovative learning and research opportunities for international students.

Thus, applying for the above-mentioned scholarships could help you get to those institutions even if you don’t have the budget.

If you’re a bright student with a great academic background, these fully-funded scholarships in Australia could be your gateway to an exciting career ahead.

Check out these scholarship programs now and apply to those matching your aims and objectives today!

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