Italy Study Visa for Pakistan 2023-2024 UPDATED

This blog covers everything related to Italy's student visas. It’s written for Pakistani students but equally beneficial for Indian and all international students.


Studying in Italy is a dream of every Pakistani student. Luckily if you got admission to an Italian university. The second step is to fulfill the requirement of an Italy study visa from Pakistan.

The rules are changed in recent years, this detailed guide will prepare you step by step & answer all your queries.

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Italy Study Visa for Pakistan


1. Type of visa required for Pakistani students to study in Italy 

2. Documents Requirement for Italy Student Visa

3. How to book an Italy study visa appointment from Pakistan

4. Italy student Visa interview questions and preparation

5. Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

6. Summary of the whole guide



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 1. Which type of visa is required for Pakistani students to study in Italy? 


If the student is applying for a short course (less than 90 days), then they should apply for TYPE C.
If their course is taking more 90 days, then they should apply for type D.

Let me explain.

VISA TYPE C (Italy Schengen Student Visa):

If the Italian Institute requires an entry test for admission, then the applicant should apply for “Visa TYPE C” for 15 days maximum.

(For example “The University of SIENA” in a few cases requires an entry test)

Remember the date of the test should be mentioned in the acceptance letter.

Generally, this visa is for short courses or students who go to Italy for vocational courses or seminars, etc.
It is applied for courses that are less than 90 days.

VISA TYPE D: (Italy National Student visa)

If the student is applying for a bachelor & master’s or Ph.D. Their course will take more than 90 days, so they should apply for TYPE D.

Later on, these students will be required to apply for a one-year residence permit. (permesso di soggiorno) within eight working days by contacting at the relevant Police Station “Questura”.

Remember Pakistani Students must apply for one of these visas,  90 days before their arrival in Italy.

Check step by step process of the Italy study visa for international students.


1.1. Italy study visa FEE from Pakistan:

The Fee for an Italy long-term study visa from Pakistan is 50 Euros (12026 PKR) & for a short-term study visa its 80 euros (19242 PKR) Which must be paid in Local currency.

D-Type: Pak Rs: 12026/-. C-Type: Pak Rs: 19242/- (The amount is taken when 1 euro was equal to 240 PKR, it could change according to the international market)


“Visa TYPE C” from Pakistan officially requires 15 days, while “Visa Type D” could take more than 45 days due to extra verifications & a lot of submission requests.

Check the step-by-step process of Italian regional scholarships, DSU and EDISU. 


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2. Italy student visa requirement for Pakistani students:


1. Visa application form

2. Two Passport Size pictures 

3. Valid Passport 

4. Academic documents

5. Pre-enrollment form

6. Document Refinement form (DOV & CIMEA)

7. Bank statement

8. Proof of all legal fees

9. Correct processing visa fee receipt

10. NIC (National identity card)

11. IELTS certificate

12. Travel & Health insurance

13. FRC document

14. Copy of flight booking, & Hotel reservation

15. Affidavit [ For Sponsorship (Optional)]

16. Polio & Corona vaccination certificate [Optional]

17. CV (optional)

18. Statement of purpose/Cover letter/Letter of motivation [optional]

19. Other certificates [optional)

20. Police clearance certificate

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1. Online Visa application form:

Download the correct Visa form for a student visa to Italy.
 Fill, sign & date it accurately.

The majority of the students need to fill out the “Italy national student visa” form.
Please check the details here.


2. Passport Size pictures:

The general picture format for an Italian student visa is the following.

  1. Two recent (within 6 months) passport-size (35x45mm) photos.
  2. White background with neutral facial expressions. (Unedited) 
  3. Avoid uniforms & the head should be 80% in the photo.
  4. The applicant should look at the camera.
  5. one photograph should be glued to the visa application
    while the other should contain the applicant’s full name on the reverse side, & should be attached with a paper clip to the visa form.
    The same rules apply to every Schengen country.

Here is our detailed guide about the Netherlands Study visa.


3. Valid passport:

A: A passport must have at least 18 months of validity from the date of visa application.
B: Applicants will also provide visa copies (if they have any).
C: Passport must have at least two blank pages.
D: All the previous passports must also be attached. (If they have any)


4. Academic documents:

This includes all your certificates & academic record like

A: Bachelor’s transcript & certificate (if you are applying for a master’s)

B: Master’s transcript & certificate (if you are applying for Ph.D.

C: Metric & FSC transcripts (12th Grade) (A level) (DMCs) and certificates (if you are applying for Bachelors)


The above mentioned documents must be attested by IBCC, HEC and MOFA (Ministry of foreign Affairs).

IBCC authority is only responsible for the attestation of metric and inter documents.

Dear offices are present in Peshawar, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and also in other cities of Pakistan.

HEC office attests Bachelors , masters and PhD documents.

D: English proficiency certificate from the university.
E: Course summary (to explain your courses & how your previous courses & studies resemble your future studies in which you are applying)

F: Two Letters of recommendation from the university & also the detail of the Referees.

(it require specifically in case of university admission, but good to carry them along with your educational documents)


5. Pre-Enrollment letter:

It is also called “FORM A”
Form A: (Pre-enrollment form) This form need to be filled out online Universitaly.
This form must be Downloaded & printed, attach your photo, and sign & submit it with your documents.



6. Document Refinement form:

It is also called Form C.
It can be attained by either making the DOV or CIMEA.

These are actually equivalency certificates, which analyze the years of education student has for the eligibility of applied courses.

DOV & CIMEA compares your education with Italian education system.



The student must fill the “Form C” (Documents Refinement form) which is also a Request form for DOV while applying for study visa to Italy.

The embassy will legalize these documents & issue DOV certificate.


HOW TO GET CIMEA Certificate from PAKISTAN? 

There are two type of documents in CIMEA.

Statement of compatibility &  Statement of verification. 

The purpose of CIMEA is same as DOV. It can be made here



Students need to make ONE of these documents.
 If the university requires exclusively CIMEA, then the student should only apply for CIMEA.

There is a big cost difference between CIMEA & DOV.
DOV is less expensive & issued at the time of the visa application process while
CIMEA comparatively costs more but can be attained before the time of visa application.



7. Bank statement:

The most important part of an Italy study visa is the applicant’s economic status.

For Pakistani students who want to attain an Italy study visa, the official requirement is up to 500 euros per month for one year. Which is 6 thousand euros.

But it is advised to submit the bank statement Upto 10,000 euros.
It’s proof that students can support their duration financially & study on their own.

Although not necessary It is advised that the bank statement should be at least 6 months old.

In the case of a Recent Bank statement, the applicant should carry the bank letter mentioning the account opening date and authorized signatory of the account. 



In the case of sponsorship, the applicant should make an Affidavit of the sponsor, in which they will state their relationship.

The sponsor is also required to show the tax return for the last two years.
Property Details & other Income sources of the sponsor are also required. 

8. Proof of all legal fees:

It’s the proof or receipt of the university application fee (Pre-enrolment fee) or in some cases, it’s the first-semester fee or the whole year of university fee.

9. Correct processing visa fee receipt:

The Visa fee is not refundable, so make sure you fill out the form correctly. Also, you need to show your visa application fee receipt at the time of the interview.

10. NIC:

National identity card, your Domicile & your birth certificate.


11. IELTS certificate for a student visa to Italy:

If you are applying from Pakistan, IELTS is very important for a student visa to Italy; however, it’s not compulsory for admission.
you can get admission without it.
But having a strong band in IELTS increases your chances of getting an Italian student visa.

Want to score 7 bands in IELTS? don’t miss our ultimate guide.


12. Travel & Health insurance certificate:

Everyone needs a travel insurance certificate whenever they are traveling to Europe.
It’s proof that they can handle their medical services in case of emergency or injury.

The insurance will handle the unexpected expenses of traveling.

In the case of Italy Travel Medical Insurance (minimum cover: € 30,000) valid for one year (D-Type) or 15 days (C-Type).


13. FRC document:

Family registration certificate (FRC) issued by NADRA offices in Pakistan.

A family registration certificate means that your record is related to the NADRA database. NADRA offices are present in all cities of Pakistan.

Please note that a family registration certificate is mostly required in embassies. The applicant can also apply for it online.

(Entirely depends on the individual case)
This document specifically contains the names & information of your siblings & parents. (or spouse in some cases).

This information is also needed sometimes in scholarships & visas, so it’s better to make the certificate.

14. Copy of flight booking, & Hotel reservation:

This part is optional. The booking confirms your date of arrival in the country in the particular city.
The hotel reservation shows that have a place to stay.

15. Affidavit: 

(Entirely depends on the individual case)
It is mostly required to incase of Sponsorship.
Affidavit of the Parents/uncle or any guardian & even in some cases your own saving and job certificate to show that you can support yourself.


16. Polio & corona vaccination certificate:

(Entirely depend on individual cases)

The polio vaccine certificate could be still important in cases of some specific countries like Pakistan.

There is no need to quarantine or do the PCR test anymore, but the vaccination record is important.


17. CV:

Cv is optional in embassy visa cases but compulsory for university admission.
It’s good to keep it along with your academic documents.


18. Statement of purpose/cover letter/Letter of motivation:

Statement of purpose is optional in visa embassy cases but compulsory for university admission.

A well-written cover letter & Letter of motivation always add extra points to the scholarships/admission you wish to achieve.

19. Other certificates:

This is optional but students can add more certificates from their internships, courses & portfolios. It can make your case stronger.


20. Police clearance certificate for a student visa to Italy:

(Depending on the individual case)
Students don’t need it for a short-term visa, but a PCC certificate for a long-term stay ( Italy Student visa) is needed.

A police clearance certificate shows that there is any criminal case pending against the applicant at the time of the visa application process.

NOTE: Students should carry all these documents along with their photocopies when applying for Italy study visa.

the Italian embassy reserve the right to ask for additional documents, that why it’s good to carry the optional documents.

The passport will not be returned until the final decision on the visa is taken. The Consulate reserves the right to ask for a Personal Interview or any additional documents.


If You have any questions related to your Italy study visa or any other study visa, you can also contact us for a live one-on-one session.

Whatsapp Contact: +393512735708




3. How to book an Italy study visa appointment in Pakistan?

All the contact details for the Italian consulates in Islamabad & Karachi are given in the end, but the process of appointment is changed in recent years.

For Islamabad Embassy:

The appointment for a study visa will be automatically issued within 2 months after the university sent them your course summary.

For Karachi Embassy:

After the completion of documents & CIMEA, the student can visit the embassy along with all the required documents mentioned above.

Try to be there early in the morning so you get the appointment on the list. Because only few people get selected every day.




 Plot 196/208, Street 16, Diplomatic Enclave

 +92512833183 | +92512833184


 85, Clifton – Karachi


Source: Italy-Study-Visa-for-Pakistani-students-drscholars

 4. Italy study Visa interview questions and preparation

Students are expected to ask the following questions.
They should be ready to answer it according to their understanding.

1. Why did you choose Italy and not another country?

2. Did you already search for opportunities in your home country? 

3. Some specific questions must be asked about the host university to know whether applicants know or not about their university.

4. The reason for selecting the (Specific) course & its objective?

5. What is your course structure or Course summary?

5. Who is your sponsor? What is your relationship? Do you have enough funds for your traveling & study?

7. What are your plans after the completion of the course?

9. What is the course commencement date? (When will your lessons/classes start?)

10. Where will you stay in Italy?

11. How much do you expect to spend per month at your destination city? On your rent, food & fee.



5. Frequently asked questions by Pakistani students about study visas in Italy


Q: is IELTS essential for Pakistani study to study in Italy?

it’s a requirement of the Italy embassy in Pakistan.
it is clearly mentioned in their visa checklist.
However, for admission to certain universities in Italy, IELTS is not required.
English proficiency certificate is enough.


Q: what if my visa gets delayed? what will happen to my scholarship?

No need to worry. you can email your host university or regional scholarship office along with receipts of visa application & there is a possibility of compensation.
however, try your best to do everything on time.


Q: In Italy student visa, What is the difference between Form A, FORM C & FORM D?


 Form A: (Pre-enrollment form)
This form needs to be filled out online at universitaly website. Downloaded & printed, attach your photo, sign & submit it along with your documents.

Form C: (Documents Refinement form)
This form can be used as DOV request form. (Declaration of value). If your institute requested for DOV, then the applicant must fill & submit this form. The embassy will issue it.

Form D: (National visa form)
This is the visa form for students who are applying for Bachelors & Masters. They are intending to stay in Italy for more than 90 days, so they have to fill this form. 





  1. Check which type of Italy study visa is needed for Pakistani students.
  2. Check the list of 20 documents. Prepare & submit it along with their copies.
  3. Book an appointment at the Islamabad or Karachi consulate.
  4. Prepare the questions mentioned in the blog.


If You have any questions related to your Italy study visa or any other study visa, you can also contact us for a live one-on-one session.

Whatsapp Contact: +393512735708


    • It’s a requirement of the Italy embassy in Pakistan. It is clearly mentioned in their visa checklist.
      However, IELTS is not required for admission to specific universities in Italy.
      An English proficiency certificate is enough.

      • dear, if have my own account and the the required amount, do i still need tex returns and properts documents for italian visa

    • I will advise you to make your own bank account. you still have time. However, if it’s not an option, you can make an Affidavit of your sponsor, but again they need to show the tax return, property details & everything.
      So to avoid any hassle it’s better to have your own account.

  1. hi there,
    Can I show a Joint account statement to apply for Italy study visa?
    I and my father we run the same bank account!

    • I will advise you to make your own bank account. However, if it’s not an option, you can make an Affidavit of your sponsor, but again they need to show the tax return, property details & everything.
      So to avoid any hassle it’s better to have your own account.

          • Aoa sir i want to know about Bank statement like my father is my sponsor so in my father’s bank account we have to deposit 10000£ for 6 months or we can add 10000£ 3 days before appointment? And we have like 600 to 1000 euroa in our bank account for 6 months???

          • Obviously, depositing the money 6 months before the appointment is much better. I will also advise you to make your own bank account & deposit money into it (Instead of using your father’s account.)

  2. hello Sir,
    I hope you are doing well,
    please guide me about the financial support, I have my own account but my father doesn’t have a bank account. What should I do bcx my sponsor is my father, and he supports the whole family so can I use my bank account as you mentioned in the above comments? And choose my father as a sponsor or what?
    Waiting for your kind response…
    Best regards

    • Hi Shahzad, Yes. you can definitely do that. Make your own bank account, transfer the required mentioned money (10,000 euros), & make an affidavit that your father is your sponsor.

      if they ask you in the embassy interview who is supporting you? you can show the affidavit.
      good luck.

      • Thank you so much sir for your kind response, Did they also need a tax return, property details, etc, If yes then how I can proof the tax detail please guide me, Or give me your contact plz

  3. Can I make my mamo (mother’s brother) my sponsor, as we don’t have amount to show for statement? He is currently living in Canada also he has PR of that country. Kindly, suggest me about that.

    • HI taha, if I understand your question correctly, you are saying that your Mamo is living in Canada & you want him to sponsor you for Italy (because the blog is about Italy study visa), The answer is “it will complicate the whole process, because technically the person living in the host country or your father, (etc) in your country can sponsor you, you can still apply by submitting all his tax returns & financial details in pak, but the chances of acceptance are very low.

      I would suggest you make a bank account & fulfill the requirements mentioned above in the guide.

  4. Can i submit bank statement of my brother from my mother (not from my father) or u can say step brother as he is living in italy and he is italian National.

    • Hi owais, Yes you can, but it has the possibility to overcomplicate the process by demanding extra sponsorship documents or tax details. That is why I would suggest you to use your bank statement if you applying for a student visa, the process will go more smoothly.

  5. Hi
    I heard that due to COVID-19, the embassy made an exemption of IELTS for students visa upto 2024. Kindly clear this thing.

    • HI zarrar, Due to the huge number of applicants in Pakistan, priority will always be given to the students who fulfilled the criteria of IELTS.
      So I will advise you to go for it, you still have time. best of luck.

  6. Hi
    I need to know I have received my pre enrollment summary a week ago.
    Do I have to submit printout of my pre enrollment summary at Islamabad embassy or do I have to wait for my appointment?
    Secondly how and when should I submit my university fee?
    Thirdly is there any need for me to visit vfs? What actually is vfs? I’m not getting it.
    Fourthly do I have to take appointment for Islamabad embassy or it will be done automatically?
    Lastly how much time is taken to get visa after university has forwarded the pre enrollment summary to embassy? Are there any specific months when embassy call for interviews?
    You are requested to answer as soon as possible.
    It’s very urgent.
    Profund Regards

  7. Dear sir,
    I need to know that i have received my pre-enrollment summary a 3 weeks ago.
    Do i have to submit a visa file at karachi consulate or i have to wait for my appointment call from consulate.
    I have to take appointment for karachi consulate or it will be done automatically?
    kindly let me know that is there any specific time period when karachi consulate call for interview.

    waiting for your positive response.

    Thanks & Best Regards

    • Hi tabbi, Technically the embassy should email or contact you, but I will still advise you to make an appointment at the Karachi embassy since it will get extremely hectic in the coming days.
      Plus Karachi embassy is less rushed compared to Islamabad one, so go for it.

      best of luck.

  8. Is it possible that my chachu (father’s brother), mamu (mother’s brother) or my friend transfer the amount into my bank account, and provide me with an affidavid. Will this be valid when filing for visa?

    • Yes, technically it makes you valid to apply for the visa. It’s better than the bank account should be in your name & you have transfer proof in the form of an affidavit.

  9. Salam Sir, my brother is a freelancer and he has a Payoneer account in which he receives his payments/salaries. He doesn’t want to convert the USDs into PKR.. kindly suggest me and guide me what should I do. My father and Elder brother (other brother) both are Lawyers and run bussiness together. I am quite confused about how should I proceed with Income Statements or Bank Statements and declaration of funds for Study Visa (Itlay).
    PS my Pre Enrollment Summary was forwarded at 29th May, 2023. What are my chances of getting the Appointment. (Islamabad Embassy).
    Awaiting your kind response.

  10. Salam sir, for a two year masters program, do I need to have a bank statement of €20000 at the time of visa application? Since €10000 is the required amount for a year.

  11. Hello Good afternoon ,
    Sir I have applied my visa (student visa type D) on 4th of May but still i dont get any response and any information .Why its to late. How long it will take time?

    • Technically, it take around 45 days, some times a little more than that, (but not more than 3 months). Don’t worry, the lessons starts around september. you will have your visa until then.

  12. Hi
    I need more information about appointment, should I wait for my appointment from embassy in Islamabad or go for appointment at VFS Global?

  13. Salam,
    I have 2 queries and 1st is that I have completedmy 2nd semester in B.E electrical and now I wanna apply for sep 2024 intake for bachelora shall i apply or not if yes than should I have to attest them too ??
    2ndly i have my own bank acc. and it is also in running if i borrow required money and transfer it in my account for several months till the visa acceptance than do i have to show them any kind of affidavite or salary slip because I done job for three months or should I have to show 2yrs tax return and all these stuff plzzzzzz sir guide me plzzz

  14. Everyone is saying that amount should be in sponsor account but as per you blog you are saying it should be in our own account , kindly clarify it.. Thanks!!!!

  15. Which embassy have the higher chances of student visa acceptance Karachi or Islamabad?
    2:- Can I make my bank statement of 3 months because I haven’t make this now can I work for the bank statement now or let my father account mentioned because my father is a govt employee

  16. I have my own bank statement as I have my own savings also have tax returns FBR record.
    1st October will be the start of my uni classes.
    On 29th university has forwarded the mail to Islamabad embassy my Domicile is from Punjab. I’m worried about the visa will Islamabad embassy call well before time or May I ask my uni to write the mail to Karachi embassy?
    Please guide sir.

  17. aoa sir, in 2021 my bank balance was 32 lac and in 2022 and 2023 I deposit 2 lac with multiple transactions so if I show this statment at the time of visa interview so they consider my this bank statement senerio?

  18. Hi. I already have my General IELTS which is valid till march 2024. I have 8 band in that. Can i use that in my application or should i give IELTS Academic test?

  19. Hy..
    Thanks for your Information, but I want to ask you a one question.
    According to new policies and rules of embassy. Can my Mother’s brother (Mamo) will become my sponsor?
    Thanks in adavnce.

  20. Hello sir.i have a important question related to the sponsor.My Father is died and I’m the only in my siblings who is doing job.and the salary is around 40 thousands.and my older brother is in Greece and he is illegally staying I can’t mentioned him as my sponsor..but he send me money through Western union the question will i justified my statement or which will be my sponsor
    Kindly guide me…it will be highly appreciated
    Thank you

  21. My enrolment came on 17th of June and it’s been more than 2 months that I haven’t received any appointment date/time. What should I do in this case? and just to mention it’s been applied from lhr so islamabad embassy is associated with that

  22. Hi greeting of the day
    sir my summary forward to Embassy on 8th June but i still not get appointment and my classes will start on 2nd October. My question is that is Embassy give appointment every one whose summary forward or skip some one and second question is that How long dose the Embassy provide appointments.


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