Facebook Ads Campaign: Mind blowing strategy


Facebook ads will not only increase your local sales, but You will also experience the Unexpected audience & develop long-lasting relationships with your customers.

But the question is how to run a perfect Facebook ads campaign that actually converts? 

Don’t worry, I got you.

This small guide will cover the following topics.


1. Why you should use Facebook ads to target your potential customers?

2. Facebook ads objectives

3. Six technical mistakes that most marketers do, to get their desired ROI

4. Three levels of Facebook ads strategy

5. How to convert Facebook ads traffic into sales?
A: Offer Free Email Bonus Bundle
B: Facebook Lead Ads
C: Sale

6. Quick summary




1. Why you should use Facebook to target your potential customers?

There are more than 2.8 billion active monthly users of Facebook of which 1.28 billion visits this site on daily basis.

Facebook reaches 60% of the internet users, & more than 86 % of US marketers use it for advertising to target their customers.

But there is so much content on Facebook & there is less time to absorb it.

That’s why Facebook marketing is getting complicated. Few magic clicks will not work anymore.

With the addition of new smart marketing features, such as chatbots, the marketplace, 360- videos, new targeting capabilities, and algorithm updates, Facebook has evolved in a lot of ways that have changed the reasons to use Facebook marketing strategies for all companies.

Before running a successful Facebook campaign, you must have a rough draft for it.

It’s a very competitive business, which is full of opportunities.

It has more potential to narrow down the targeted customers.

With Amazon ads, you can have one ad at a time, but with Facebook ads, you can have multiple ad sets within a campaign, so you can target different audiences & test different techniques.


2. What are the Facebook ad objectives? 

Before you start your Facebook ad marketing campaign, answer this simple question.

“what’s the most important outcome I want from this ad?”

According to Weebly, up to 62% of small business owners say that their Facebook ads campaign never works out well.

It’s because they never precisely Characterize their objectives and goals before running a campaign.

  • Brand awareness
  • Local awareness
  • Reach
  • Traffic
  • Dynamic ads
  • Automotive
  • Travel
  • collaborative ads
  • Engagement
  • App installs
  • Video views
  • Lead generation
  • Conversions
  • Product catalog sales
  • Store traffic
  • Messages


3. What Are The Common Mistakes That Most Marketers Fail To Get Their Desired ROI?

The funnel & targeting strategy of Facebook is amazing, Then why some advertisers failed to get leads or sell retail products?

In this blog, I will discuss all the possible mistakes & how to avoid them, to run a perfect Facebook ad campaign.


These Are 6 Technical Mistakes that Beginners Do In Facebook Marketing.

  1. Poor management of Facebook marketing campaigns eventually causes Ad-fatigue.
    The more your audience sees the same ad again & again, the less effective it will get. Sequentially retargeting with new offers is the key to success.
  2. Ignoring the website-remarketing option for those warm potential customers who came to your site & looked for certain products. A reminder ad campaign should be used for those targeted audiences.
  1. Test campaigns are important but don’t overcomplicate the ad-setup, 1 ad set & two ads are enough for testing before you go on the full ad campaign.
    The budget shouldn’t be too high or too low, always create a test campaign of 25 $ for 3-5 days, before you jump into running a big campaign.
  1. Targeting the wrong audience or not targeting the lookalike audience can badly affect your ad campaign.
  2. The text & headline of the ad must have the power to convert. But Overstuffing emojis & long descriptions can also affect your ad badly. it should feel fancy & precise. Scrolling audience should attract the ad.
  3. Ignoring the option of advanced pixel settings or not doing it correctly.
    You really could miss out on a huge portion of incredibly valuable data that you could have used for Lookalikes or retargeting purposes. Facebook explained the process beautifully on how to set up events for your website.

Remember all ads must fulfill the criteria of Facebook ad policies.


4. What Are The Three Levels Of Facebook Ad Strategy?

Set your ad strategy in such a way that has the power to convert a total stranger into a customer. It normally works in three steps.

Brand awareness (Level 1 Engagement marketing)

Engagement marketing (Level 2)

Website Re-marketing (Level-3)

This Facebook ad funnel is simple.

First, you have to generate awareness related to your brand & earn recognition about your brand/product & company in their news feed & then retarget those potential warm customers by putting thoughts about your product or services.

Trust the process by testing the product & analyzing your data to attract your customers with multiple methods, rather than just using one technique again & again, for consistent strategy, you must have a very basic testing strategy.

5. How To Convert Facebook Ads Traffic Into Sales?

 The following formula is simple but needs proper execution.

Offer free email bonus bundle ——-> Facebook lead ads ——-> Sales

Facebook is a great source of providing organic traffic to your website, but when you need to convert that traffic into sales, then things become far more complex.

It works better when your brand is new or your product is comparatively complex, it’s hard to get the new customer’s attention on one ad.

Most Facebook users don’t always have the desire to buy. They sometimes quickly scrolling through pages or feed, texting a friend, sitting in a comfort somewhere not in the mood to buy products,

But when you get their email address, you are a step ahead of your competitors.

Rather than the traditional marketing approach, the above formula works extremely well in sales. It’s not rocket science if executed properly.

A: Offer Free Email Bonus Bundle:-

To provide a productive free information bundle in exchange for an email address or subscription is a nice & famous marketing strategy.

Your email bonus must be extremely good to ignore, take it as a first marketing sale strategy which will help you a lot in the future, this one-time effort will boost your sales.
The more effort you put into your bundle, the more you will attract customers.
Remember your email list must solve the subscriber problems.

Your bundle may contain

  • A simple To-do or check-list
  • Offer/sale or discount on your first purchase
  • Short learning course
  • Free tour or a general introduction to your business/product
  • Resources/toolkit/software/ free services you offer
  • Invitation to your Webinar or live streaming for subscribers

B: Facebook Lead Ads

Lead ads are the perfect way for collecting emails from potential customers.

When they click on your ad, customers will see a form that’s already filled with info they’ve shared with Facebook including their name, phone number, or email.
Lead ads are also mobile-first, making it simple and fast for customers to opt-in to your email bonus.

Food For Thought:-

  • Select the objective “collect leads for your business” in Facebook’s Ad Manager.
  • In the “detailed targeting” section, keep on adding categories until your audience size is under a million people.
  • In your ad copy, keep your sales language simple and specific. Tell people what to expect from your email bonus.

C: Sale:

Made sales through this email strategy.

After making your incredible email bonus bundle, use the following email sequence automation technique (with tools like Mail-chimp, etc).

  1. Get their email & send your free bundle
  2. Share your story & your investors’ techniques
  3. offer free limited consultation or quick audit
  4. win-win strategy
  5. warm them up for your product & service
  6. shoot

6. Quick Summary

  1. After creating a new list of email subscribers
  2. Categorize your website audience into potential & loyal customers
  3. Create another campaign that retargets the potential audience
  4. Create another campaign that retargets loyal customers for more leads & sales.


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