Want to apply for an Australian study visa from Pakistan? Here is The ultimate guide.


Australian study visa requirements for Pakistan are pretty straightforward. yet many students face difficulties while applying for it.

The information they found online is sometimes very generic & basic, but this ultimate guide is as detailed as it gets.

It will uncover the step-by-step process of “How to apply for an Australian study visa for Pakistan”.

I have mentioned all the required documents, and visa updates.

Students will also find FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) in the last part of the guide. 

This guide covers everything.

Australia’s seven universities including in the top 100 universities of the world offers 22,000 courses across 1,100 of its institutions.

Australia is giving options for a diverse range of programs for international students.

Pakistani students apply for Australian study visas to avail these opportunities.

These courses are ranging from secondary school to vocational education and training.

These programs include English language courses and higher education.


Check the Australian study visa guide for international students.




1. Type of Australian Study Visa

2.  Visa Office for International Students

3. What is the Visa processing time?

4. Documents required for Australian Student Visa

5. How to Apply for Student Visa to Australia

6. Appointment for Biometrics

7. Australian High commission contact details for Pakistan

8. Visa Interview Questions

9. Frequently Asked Questions about Australian Study Visa

10. Summary of the complete guide



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1. Which type of visa is required for Pakistani students to study in Australia

1.1. Student visa (Subclass 500)


Subclass 500 is the visa type required for long-term degrees & higher studies in Australia. Out of different Visas, Pakistani applicants who want to study in Australia must apply for Subclass 500.

The following type of study include in this list: 

Vocational Training and Education

Higher Education

Primary and Secondary Schools

Postgraduate Research 

English Language Courses for overseas students

International students who are enrolled in a registered course or as full-time students are eligible for this visa.

The validity period of a student visa is five years.


Australian visa types


Student visa (Subclass 500)

5 years

Student Guardian visa (Subclass 590)

3 months

Temporary Graduate visa (Subclass 485)

18 months – 4 years

Visitor visa (Subclass 600, 601, 651 )

3 Months

Working holiday visa (Subclass 417, 462 )

4 months

Training visa (Subclass 407)

2 years


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1.2.Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485)

This visa grants post-study work rights to international students. It’s for Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral degree holders in Australia.

Students can gain international work experience through this visa. This is for two to four years.     

International students work under the Graduate Work Stream. The occupation and skill on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL).

This type of visa is valid for 18 months.


2. Australian Study Visa Office for International Students:


DIAC (The Department of Immigration and Citizenship) is responsible for students visa in Australia.
Through its administration of the Migration Act 1958 and assessment of student visa applications.



3. What is the processing time For an Australian Study Visa in Pakistan?


It usually takes 1 month to 3 months to process Australian Study Visa in Pakistan.

The standard Visa process time for different Student Visa streams is given in the table.


Student visa type


Processing time

500 – Student visa (subclass 500)

Higher Education Sector

14 days to 4 months

500 – Student visa (subclass 500)

Vocational Education and Training Sector

74 days to 13 months

500 – Student visa (subclass 500)

Schools Sector

18 days to 4 months

500 – Student visa (subclass 500)

Postgraduate Research Sector

16 days to 8 months


for more details look, Visit.


4. Documents required for Australian Study Visa for Pakistan


1. Valid Passport

2. Three Passport size pictures

3. Letter of Offer

4. Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE)

5. Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)

6. Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

7. Proof of Enough Funds

8. Academic Documents

9. Proof of Legal Fees

10. Visa Processing Fee Receipt

11. CNIC

12. IELTS Certificate

13. Previous Visa Rejection

14. Copy of Flight Booking and Hotel Reservation

15. Polio and Corona vaccination certificate

16. CV

17. Statement of Purpose

18. Other Certificates

19. Police Character Certificate for Australian Study Visa

20. Marriage Certificate and Childbirth Certificate

21. FRC document




4.1. Valid passport

A: A passport must have at least 18 months of validity from the date of visa application.
B: Applicants will also provide visa copies (if they have any).
C: Passport must have at least two blank pages.
D: All the previous passports must also be attached. (If they have any)


4.2. Passport Size Pictures

The picture format for the Australian Student visa is here:

Three passport-size photos

Grey/white background with facial expressions.

The Head should include 80% in the photo.

Glued one photograph on the visa application. Other photographs contain the applicant’s full name on the reverse side.


4.3. Letter of Offer

International students can provide this document as a letter of support. This will be evidence of enrollment.

Australia Awards Scholarships are the scholarship offers. It provides by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

These are the opportunities for developing countries in the Indo-Pacific region.
Undergraduate and postgraduate students continue their degree programs at participating Australian Universities.

Australia Awards Scholarships provide research opportunities to develop the skills of individuals. This skill will contribute to the development of their countries.


4.4. Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE)

A Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) gives detail about a student’s eligibility for enrollment. at a particular university and accepted the place. Students need it when applying for a student visa in Australia. CoE has information about a student, program details, cost of study, and study duration.

What is conditional CoE?

The offer is conditional on the submission of the final result. A student is eligible to accept a conditional COE.
The conditional CoE helps students to start the visa process on time.

A conditional CoE provides to the student if:

Studying the final semester of the program

Fulfill English conditions

Provided proof of academic requirements

A conditional CoE issues to a student:

When a student receives a result it is better to submit it as soon as possible to enroll in a program.

Click to see the sample of CoE.



4.5. Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) for International Students


Applicants should provide personal statements based on GTE requirements.

GTE statement should include the following information:

Information about the Previous study

Academic transcripts having qualification details

Name of educational institution

Study duration

Study Gap

Explains the reason for the study gap

The current progress in employment

Duration of employment

Current position in the Company

Economic Situation of the Applicant 

Give details of business or employment activities for the last 12 months. These are the financial details before starting the application.

In short, GTE means the only purpose of a visa applicant is to live in Australia to study.

The Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) provides to students. It means that the visa applicant’s only purpose is to live for study in Australia. This condition started in November 2011.

Here is the link to the GTE role.


4.6. Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)


It is mandatory for an international student to stay in Australia.

If a student is unable to provide this insurance, the visa application may be rejected.

It will cover the following student medical expenses:

Hospital Expenses

Doctor Visits

Ambulance Charges

Medicines and Prescription

Students pay fees for OSHC through Australian Universities.

International students must apply for OSHC before starting classes at an Australian university.

Overseas Student Health Cover is insurance


4.7. Proof of Enough Funds 

This is essential Proof of enough Funds. It is an important part of the student visa application process. Students must prove they have enough funds to study in Australia.
This includes living costs and tuition fees charges.

Students have options to fulfill this part like receiving government loans or scholarships.

Financial support from spouse earning or parents can provide.

This amount estimates at AUD 62,222 which equals about $47,000 per year.



4.8 Academic Documents


This includes all your certificates & academic record like

A: Bachelor’s transcript & certificate (if you are applying for a master’s)

B: Master’s transcript & certificate (if you are applying for Ph.D.

C: Metric & FSC transcripts (12th Grade) (A level) (DMCs) and certificates (if you are applying for Bachelors)


The above-mentioned documents must be attested by IBCC, HEC and MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

IBCC authority is only responsible for the attestation of metric and inter documents.

Dear offices are present in Peshawar, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and also in other cities of Pakistan.

HEC office attests bachelor, master’s and Ph.D. documents.

D: English proficiency certificate from the university.
E: Course summary (to explain your courses & how your previous courses & studies resemble your future studies in which you are applying)

F: Two Letters of recommendation from the university & also the detail of the Referees.

(it require specifically in case of university admission, but good to carry them along with your educational documents)



4.9. Proof of Legal Fees

It is the receipt of proof of the fees of the university or preparatory classes. It may be free for the whole year or the fee for the first semester.



4.10. Visa Processing Fee Receipt

Make sure that the form fills and sign. The Visa processing fee is not refundable.

You have to show the fee receipt of the visa application at the time of the interview.

$413 is the visa processing fee for a student visa and then submit documents.



4.11. CNIC

Birth certificate and National Identity card. It depends from case to case.



4.12. IELTS Certificate

The minimum IELTS requirement for most Australian universities is 6.5. while very few may accept 6.0.

The immigration requirement however is 5.5.

Academic level

Minimum IELTS score


6 or 6.5.


6.5 overall. But With no band less than 6.





4.13. Previous Visa Rejection

The Visa officers at the embassy may also ask about previous visa rejection status.

These reasons are missing deadlines or not providing enough financial proof.

Let them know about the reason for the previous visa rejection. It may be some other reasons mentioned on the visa.



4.14. Copy of Flight Booking and Hotel Reservation

Booking has details of arrival date in the country.

The hotel reservation is proof that the applicant has a place to stay.



4.15. Polio and Corona vaccination certificate 

It depends from case to case and on different countries. The vaccine certificates are important for some specific countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan.

A vaccination record is important to check previous corona history.



4.16. CV

CV is compulsory for the university admission process and optional for embassy interviews.

It contains all the contact details and academic information.



4.17. Statement of Purpose 

Applicants need to prove they are moving to complete their education and get a degree. A personal statement requires for this purpose.

This document consists of the following information about the student:

Previous academic documents and studies

Employment Status

Relationship with your home country

Immigration history

Economic conditions of the applicant

All this is to sure that the applicant is moving to Australia for only educational purposes.



4.18. Other Certificates

These certificates include internship certificates and experience letters. The embassy gives extra value to these certificates.



4.19. Police Character Certificate for Australian Study Visa

Students will ask to provide a police character certificate. It is also called a panel clearance certificate. It is for those applicants who are above 17 and include them in the listed countries.

A police character certificate is valid for 12 months from issuance.

It must include:

The time student turned 16 up to date of issuance

The whole time spends in the country

Students can check for overseas police certificates in relevant countries




4.20. Marriage Certificate and Childbirth Certificate

The embassy will ask about marriage certificates and Childbirth Certificates. It is better to bring both marriage and childbirth certificates along with you.

These documents are necessary for family registration.

For more details, students should visit the immigration tool made for each country.


4.21. FRC

Family registration certificate (FRC) issued by NADRA offices in Pakistan.

A family registration certificate means that your record is related to the NADRA database. NADRA offices are present in all cities of Pakistan.

Please note that a family registration certificate is mostly required in embassies. The applicant can also apply for it online.

(Entirely depends on the individual case)
This document specifically contains the names & information of your siblings & parents. (or spouse in some cases).

This information is also needed sometimes in scholarships & visas, so it’s better to make the certificate.

If You have any questions related to your Australian study visa or any other study visa, you can also contact us for a live one-on-one session.

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5. How to apply for an Australian study visa for Pakistan?


International Students are advised to apply for a student visa 6 months before starting the course.

Here is the step-by-step process.

  1. Take admission to an Australian university.
  2. Gather all the documents, discussed above in the blog.
    Or use this tool according to your Nationality.
  3. Apply for a visa Online apply through ImmiAccount.
    Signup for Immaccount.
    Attach the documents.
    Pay the visa fee.
  4. Check the visa updated status
    Do the required Biometrics (If asked) 
    provide all the additional documents ie Health certificates, family information, etc (If asked)
  5. The visa result
    The successful applicants will get the visa number, Expiry date & visa conditions.


6. How to Book an Australian Study Visa Appointment for Biometrics in Pakistan?

VFS Global is partnering with governments.

It is supporting visa applicants through the process of biometric collection. 

If a Pakistani student is planning to arrange a biometric appointment.

check the next step of the process

Currently, there is high demand for Biometric services.

Waiting time to make an appointment and receive collection may take 3 to 4 weeks.


7. Australian high commission contact details for Pakistani Students



Constitution Ave and Ispahani Rd, Diplomatic Enclave No. 1, Sector G-5/4, Islamabad, Pakistan

Postal address

PO Box 1046, Islamabad


+92 51 835 5500


Australian High Commission in Pakistan official Website


8. Australian Study Visa Interview Questions


Applicants may expect the following questions will ask from them during embassy interviews. Read these questions and prepare them well for discussion.

1. What is the reason for choosing Australia over other countries?

2. Did you search for job opportunities in your home country?

3. What is the reason for selecting the course?

4. What is your course summary?

5. Some questions can ask about the host university?

6. What are the career plans after completing the course?

7. What is the commencement date of your course?

8. In which city will you stay in Australia?


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9. Frequently Asked Questions about Australian Study Visa for Pakistan


Q1. Can I get an Australian Study Visa Without IELTS?

There are some ways in which students can get an Australian study visa without IELTS, but they still have to submit other English certificates. like TOFEL, CAE, GRE etc.
or maybe in a few cases if the student has studied English for 3-4 years & they may get an exemption from IELTS.

but as a whole IELTS is mandatory for almost all applicants from different countries of the world.

Different institutions and courses have mentioned IELTS required scores and bands. They gave these details on the institutional website and description.

It is better to take the IELTS test before the visa process, it definitely increases the chances of visa acceptance.


Q2. Can I apply with the 7th Semester Transcript to an Australian University?

YES. Students can apply to Australian University with a 7th-semester transcript and a “Hope Certificate”.

University provides Hope Certificate, along with academic documents and admission applications.

Students can later submit the 8th-semester Transcript when they get it.

Some Australian Universities give conditional admission letters by submitting Hope certificates.

What is Hope’s certificate?
In simple words, It is a certificate based on the previous semester’s performance, that indicates that the candidate will pass the final exams with excellent results.


Q3. What If I Submit the wrong visa application for an Australian Study Visa? 

Unfortunately, you have to submit for the application gain. Cancel the visa appointment and book a new appointment for visa processing.

Be careful while entering the data in the booking system, because the visa fee is nonrefundable.


Q4. What will I do If my Australian Study Visa got rejected?

The main reason for Australian study visa rejection is either the lack of enough financial resources Or English language deficiency.

Students can appeal to the Administrative Appeal Tribunal AAT & must submit the application fee.

However there is no limit to Australian visa application, students can reapply anytime.

Q5. What are the wages students get in Australia?

The small wage a student gets in Australia is $18.23. Students can also earn $719.20 in
40 hours per week time.



10. Australian study visa for Pakistan (SUMMARY):


1. Choose the correct visa category. (Sub-Class 500)

2. Pay the visa fee & plan for enough funds listed in the documents section.

3. Prepare the list of documents discussed above I.e. IELTS, health insurance, etc.

4. Do the Biometrics, and the visa interview & wait for the result.


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If something isn’t clear, Please don’t hesitate to ask us any further questions in the comments.


If You have any questions related to your Australian study visa or any other study visa, you can also contact us for a live one-on-one session.

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  1. I’m passed my Intermediate Education in 2018 after that i got a gap in study for 1 year and passed my 2 years program (BSC) in 2021.
    But Now i want to get a Australian study visa for any course related to Computer Science or Arts subject on the base of intermediate program.
    Am I illegible for any course?

    • Of course, you are. And it’s better to justify your gap by providing some reasonable proof. for example JOb, or a short course, etc.
      Best of luck.

  2. How to know about the processing application for student visa ?
    Its been almost more than 6 minths I am waiting for response from Australia ambassy Pakistan.


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