TOEFL is an English language test that is used to test that how well you can use English at the Master’s Level. Through this test, you can get admission in abroad by showing your progress in TOEFL which shows that you are eligible for doing tasks in English and also you can understand English.

There are four type of tests in this TOEFL which are

  1. Speaking test
  2. Reading test
  3. Listening test
  4. Writing test

These all are consist of 0-30 marks with a total of 120 and by scoring system you can get admission by getting into merit list of any university which require TOEFL.


Most universities of USA, Germany, France and Canada would like to give preference to TOEFL than any other English Language test and TOEFL tests are sent to these counties with high priority.

A research prove that those students who gave TOEFL test mostly got in to their desire university. The main reason behind this is that TOEFL sharpen your level of English according to the requirement of most universities that’s why it is prior to other tests. It also improve your English academics. Preparation of this test give you a view about the atmosphere of foreign university tasks.

This test is also preferred because the checking of this test is totally fair. Through proper AI system test takers are selected by human rater system to avoid bias marking and also conduct face to face interview.

TOEFL test can get you admission in more than10000 universities in many countries across the world. So that’s why students who plan to study higher education apply for this test and millions of students apply for this test to show how well their level of English is. Some people who wants to work abroad also take this test for their visa.



To get the maximum score you have to know all about the TOEFL and its pattern. You should also know about how many portions this test consists of and the time limitation in this test so you can manage this test and also prepare for this. So let’s check how many parts this test divide into and what the scoring system is and time limitation of each part.

As you know this test is divide into four major portions to your level of English in every academic aspect and information about it is given below.

PORTIONS: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

SCORE: Each portion has 0-30 score and the total of all is 120.

TIME LIMIT: You have 3hr total for TOEFL and this time is divided into four section.


In this portion you have given 3 to 4 paragraphs and you have given 30 to 40 questions. You have to answer the questions according to the given paragraphs. Questions are asked from paragraphs and you have to find answers by reading paragraphs.

How to improve reading skills and what to do?

In this portion you have 50-74 mints so you have to be quick to find answers and then write it. There will be 30 to 40 questions which needed to be answer but there is less time so what will you do?

  • You have to sharpen you reading skills by reading different articles on course book, newspaper or on your favorite story book.
  • You have to do more practice so you don’t have to find difficulty in reading articles.
  • You can answer questions by understanding it and to understand you have to know the meaning of words, so where ever you see a new word try to search for its meaning.
  • Try to explore new words and increase your reading and understanding level.
  • Try to do more practice so you don’t waste time during test session.
  • Try to do those questions first which you understand completely.
  • Solve doubtful questions in the end.


Through portion of writing your skills of writing English is tested. You have to write an essay or you can say that you have to give your views on the listening and reading test. This can be time consuming because you have to write about what is your point of view on listening and reading test. You will be given 50 mints and you have to perform 2 tasks in this sections.

How to improve writing skills and what to do?

Because this portion depends on your thought and also depends on your English writing skills so how can you manage it?

  • You have to write about you daily routine or a summary about your day that will help you improve your writing skills.
  • Check your mistakes and try to improve every time. Your mistakes can be grammatical or you have done some spelling mistakes, so try to avoid it.
  • You have to do more practice by doing exercise of given course books.
  • To give your point of view first you have to be more thoughtful and try to put that thought in paper and try to find new word and used them in writing arguments.
  • Your arguments can be strong if argue with some examples or with some proves, so try your best to give more examples to make your argument strong.
  • You have to be quick because you have only given 50-74 mints and you can do that by doing practice.


In this test section your ability of understanding English by listening is judged because in foreign country you have to understand what are other people saying. In this section you have to listen to a recording and have to answer the questions related to that recording. You have 40 to 57 mints to complete this test and answer the questions. You have to solve 27 to 39 questions. Through this test you are checked that weather you can understand in foreign countries or not.

How to improve listening skills and what to do?

Because you have to listen to answer the asked questions what will you do when you miss a part?

  • It all depends on concentration so you have to be more focus on recording and try not to divert yourself.
  • You can sharpen you listening skills by doing practice.
  • Try to listen to pronunciation of new words so you don’t waste your time over one word.
  • You have to listen to the recording and try to write main point so you can remember it.
  • You can talk in English with other people to improve your English by understanding what they are saying.


Through test of speaking your command in English is tested that how well you can speak English. In this test you have to read your given task or you will listen to the task and then you have to give your opinion about it in English. You have given almost 17 mints for this test. In this test you have given 4 tasks. Now what will you do when nothing comes in your mind to speak?

How to improve speaking skills and what to do?

You have to speak without stopping or you cannot take time to think and then talk. But how can you do it?

  • It all depends on practice. If you practice to speak English you will not hesitate or will not need time to think what you want to say.
  • Your pronunciation matters in this test. So you should be careful.
  • You have to speak English in classroom and at other place to improve your English.
  • You have to practice to talk about topic from course book. This will also sharpen your skill.
  • You can speak English fluently to improve your grammar and try to avoid grammatical mistakes.
  • You have to show confidence to get good impression.



  • You find course book on ETS website here is the link for course book.


  • This example is for listening section. You can get a view how task in listening sections are given.
  • Task1 and task2 are the examples of speaking section. These are audio files which show how you will be given you task in speaking section. But 1 out of 4 tasks is given in mp3 format.



You can register yourself online. This test is conducted by ETS so you can visit their website to register yourself for this test. Here is the link of registration.




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