Hungary Study Visa for Pakistan 2023-2024, Updated!

Want to apply for a Hungary study visa from Pakistan? Here is The ultimate guide.


Hungary is preferred by Pakistani students due to its high-quality education & low living cost. The rules of Hungary study visa for Pakistan have changed over the years.

If Pakistani students have any questions related to  “visa fee structure” or they are confused about “how to book visa appointment”.

This detailed guide will solve all those queries.

It will also prepare Pakistani students for the possible visa interview questions in the Hungarian embassy Islamabad.

In the end, students will also find the FAQs and a summary of this guide.

There are almost 67 universities in Hungary that provide quality education.

Their Admission process is pretty easy compared to other European universities, like Italy Germany.

Pakistani undergraduate & graduate students can find almost every kind of course in English with affordable admission fees & easy visa process.

After the completion of the degree, Pakistani students can also apply for a residence permit
which would allow them to look for Jobs in 9 months duration.

Bookmark this ultimate guide to Hungary study visa for Pakistan, You literally don’t need to google anything else.


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Table of Content


1. Which Type of visa is required for Pakistani students to study in Hungary?

2. Hungary student visa Fee for Pakistani Students?

3. Documents required to obtain a Hungary student visa from Pakistan?

4. Steps required to Hungary Study Visa for Pakistan

5. Hungary embassy in Pakistan

6. Hungary Study Visa Processing time for Pakistani Students

7. Interview Questions for Hungary Study Visa

8. Frequently Asked Questions

9. Summary of the Whole Guide


Check detailed guide about Hungary study visa for international students


Want to study in Hungary for free? Check a detailed guide about Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship. 


1. Types of Hungary study visa for Pakistan


If the student is applying for a short course (less than 90 days), then they should apply for TYPE C. If their course is taking more 90 days, then they should apply for type D.

Let me explain.

D Type Visa:

This type of visa is for those Pakistani applicants whose stay exceeds 90 days.
When reaching Hungary, these students have to apply for a residence permit within 30 days.

NOTE: Besides students, the applicants who are looking for Employment, job or research also need to apply for D-type visa:

C Type Visa

This type of Hungary visa is for those Pakistani applicants whose stay doesn’t exceed 90 days.

Remember: The students of EU/EEA don’t need to apply for visas if the study programs end within 90 days of duration.



2. Hungary study visa fee for Pakistan


The processing fee for a Hungary “D type” study visa for Pakistan is 23577 PKR.

Hungary study visa

Fee in PKR

Hungary C Schengen visa


D (national) residence permit visa


C Schengen visa age between 6-12 years



The visa fee must be paid in a dedicated branch of (UBL) United Bank Limited with the help of a special deposit slip, provided by the Visa Officer after the submission/interview.

 Please do not make any payment without receiving a special deposit slip from the Embassy! 

Authorized UBL branches for Hungary visa: –

  • Islamabad, Jinnah Ave, F 6/1 Blue Area, UBL Building, Ground Floor 
  •  Lahore, 18, Liberty Market, Gulberg, Lahore 
  • Karachi, 1st Floor, UBL Headoffice, I.I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi 
  • Peshawar, 32, The Mall, Shop #. 10,11, Satta Gadai Plaza, Peshawar Cantt 
  • Quetta, Hali Road, Quetta Cantt  
  • Multan, UBL 44 A Aziz Shaheed Road Multan Cantt 

Check here for more details on all the Hungary visa fees.



3. Hungary study visa requirements for Pakistan

1. Valid Passport

2. Visa Application Form

3. Three passport-size Photos


5. Letter of acceptance

6. Medical Insurance

7. Accommodation Document

8. Bank Statement or sponsorship

9. Flight Ticket

10. Academic Documents


12. English language proficiency certificate

13. CV

14. Motivational Letter

15. Marriage Certificate

16. Visa Processing fee receipt

17. Receipt of University Tuition Fee Payment

18. FRC

19. Other Certificates

20. Polio and Corona vaccination certificate [Optional]

21. PCC (Police clearance certificate)




1) Passport

A: The passport must have at least one year of validity period after issuance of visa.
B: Applicants will also provide visa copies (if they have any).

C: Passport must have at least two blank pages. 

D: All the previous passports must also be attached. (If they have any)



2) Visa Application Form

Pakistani students can Sign and fill this visa application form, with the correct information. Date it accurately, also mention the period of stay.




3) Three passport-size photos

The picture format for a Hungary student visa is the following.

  1. Three recent (within 6 months) passport-size (35x45mm) photos.
  2. White/grey background with neutral facial expressions. (Unedited)
  3. Avoid uniforms & the head should be 80% in the photo.
  4. The applicant should look at the camera.
  5. one photograph should be glued to the visa application, while the other should contain the applicant’s full name on the reverse side, & should be attached with a paper clip to the visa form.
    The same rules apply to every Schengen country.



A birth certificate and National Identity card from NADRA.



5) Letter of acceptance from the Hungary university:

University admission letters, in general, must mention your

  1. Course name
  2. The Estimated duration of your course
  3. Official Dates on which the course will begin
  4. Tuition fee
  5. It should state whether it’s a Full-time course or part-time, & Licensing information only in the case of private universities).
  6. The letter must be signed by the institution head or the official representative.

In some cases, particularly at the time of admission, your academic history must be closely aligned with your future studies, so be careful while selecting your course, because you have to convince the visa officer about that relevant course.



6) Medical Insurance (Travel insurance)

Medical insurance is required by the Hungarian National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing.
It is important otherwise the applicant could spend a lot of money in case of a medical emergency.
Plus it is compulsory when the student later wants to apply for a residence permit.

Applicants must provide travel insurance which should cover all the medical expenses, & should be eligible for all Schengen countries.

If the university covers health insurance, it should mention in the letter.

List of insurance companies for Pakistan



7) Accommodation Document 

If the university is providing accommodation, it should be mentioned in the acceptance letter.

In another case, students must provide Accommodation proof of their stay. It could be a rented house, hostel, or hotel accommodation.



8) Bank statement or Sponsor for Hungary study visa Pakistan:

Depends entirely on the individual cases. Official Bank statement of the last 3-6 months (Upto 10,000 $ ) is required.

It’s proof that you can support your duration and study financially. If you already got a scholarship, you may not need the bank statement.

If bank statements and work documents are not in English, translate them into English. It must contain a notary attestation.


If the students are receiving Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship, they don’t need a bank statement.

Pakistani Students can also provide a sponsorship letter for a Hungary study visa If they have any issues with their personal bank statement.

Parents can also provide sponsorship letters. This letter will give details of living costs.
Please attach the following documents with your sponsorship letter.

  • ID card of the sponsor
  • Work Document of the sponsor/Payment slips for the last three months
  • Bank Statement of the Sponsor 
  • Tax details from FBR  & signed Affidavit (As supporting document)



9) Flight Ticket

The booking confirms your date of arrival in the country and in the particular city.

The hotel reservation shows that the applicant has a place to stay.



10) Academic Documents

This includes all your certificates & academic record like

A: Bachelor’s transcript & certificate (If a student is applying for a master’s)

B: Master’s transcript & certificate (if the student is applying for Ph.D.)

C: Metric & FSC transcripts (10-12th Grade) (A level) (DMCs) and certificates (if the student is applying for a bachelor

D: English proficiency certificate from the university. E: Course summary (to explain your courses & how your previous courses & studies resemble your future studies in which you are applying)

F: Two Letters of recommendation from the university & also the detail of the Referees.

(It requires in case of university admission. It is, good to carry them along with your educational documents)


The above-mentioned documents must be attested by IBCC, HEC, and MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

IBCC authority is only responsible for the attestation of metric and inter documents.

Dear offices are present in Peshawar, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and also in other cities of Pakistan.

HEC office attests bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. documents.



11. IELTS Requirement to Hungary study visa for Pakistan:

Interestingly for Pakistani students, there is no IELTS requirement for a Hungary study visa.

However, universities in Hungary define their own admission process, & may ask for IELTS or TOEFL during the admission process.

The general minimum IELTS requirements for a bachelor’s is 5.0 – 5.5
and  For masters is 5.5 – 6.0. 

Most Hungarian universities accept English proficiency certificates & some also conduct internal institutional language exams.

Check our detailed IELTS guide.


12) English language proficiency certificate

Applicant should attach an English proficiency certificate while applying for a Hungary study visa.
This certificate is provided & issued by the university at the time of graduation.

This certificate basically mentions that the student can fluently write & speak English. And the course of conduct in university lessons/exams was in English.



13) CV

CV is compulsory for the university admission process and for embassy interviews.
We recommend making a Cv with Europass.

It should contain all your contact details and academic information.



14) Motivational Letter for Hungary study visa Pakistan


A letter of Motivation must be signed & should highlight three things.

1. Academic background: (Elaborate on the study & relevant internships/jobs )
2. Academic motivation: (Explain why you picked the scholarship & why you are eligible)
3. Personal interests:  (Your relevant achievements & hobbies)



15) Marriage Certificate (If Applicable)

The embassy will ask about marriage certificates and Childbirth Certificates. It is better to bring both marriage and childbirth certificates along with you.

These documents are necessary for family registration.



16) Visa Processing fee receipt

Pakistani Students are advised to carry all visa fee receipts to Hungary embassy interview.

The fee for a “D type Hungary study visa” is 23577 PKR. 



17) Receipt of University Tuition Fee Payment

Attach documented proof of tuition fee paid.
This may be a bank deposit slip or ATM transfer slip.



18) FRC for Hungary study visa Pakistan

Family registration certificate (FRC) issued by NADRA offices in Pakistan.

A family registration certificate means that your record is related to the NADRA database. NADRA offices are present in all cities of Pakistan.

Please note that a family registration certificate is mostly required in embassies. The applicant can also apply for it online.

This document specifically contains the names & information of your siblings & parents. (or spouse in some cases).

This information is also needed sometimes in scholarships & visas, so it’s better to make the certificate.


19) Other Certificates

These certificates include internship certificates and experience letters. The embassy gives extra value to these certificates.



20) Polio & corona vaccination certificate:

(Entirely depend on individual cases) The polio vaccine certificate could be still important in cases of some specific countries like Pakistan & Afghanistan. 

There is no need to quarantine or do the PCR test anymore, but the vaccination record is important.



21) Police clearance certificate to Hungary study visa for Pakistan:

A clear character certificate issued by a competent police department is needed.
Please check the fee structure.


PCC (Police Clearance Certificate)

Fee in PKR

Consular fee (outside Europe)


Certified translation to foreign language


Certificate (copy)


Total for the police clearance certificate



If You have any questions related to your Hungary study visa or any other study visa, you can also contact us for a live one-on-one session.

Whatsapp Contact: +393512735708




4. Hungary study visa for Pakistan step-by-step process

By following these four steps, Pakistani students can get a Hungary study visa.

4.1. Acceptance offer from Hungary university

4.2. Contact the Hungary embassy in Pakistan

4.3. Prepare the documents for visa application

4.4. Collect D-type visa & passport




4.1 Acceptance Offer from a Hungary University:

 Pakistani Students need to get an acceptance letter from a Hungarian university before applying for a Hungarian student visa.
Check the website of the university and fulfill their requirements.

Once you get confirmation from the university and pay the deposit fee, the next step is to fulfill the list of 21 documents discussed above.


4.2. Hungary study visa appointment booking in Pakistan

Book an appointment in Hungary embassy Islamabad for student visa through their new appointment booking system.

For C-type Schengen visas, Pakistani students can submit their applications six months before.

while for D-type residence permit visas, applications can be submitted three months before the planned date of travel.

NOTE:  is not active, and they will not respond to any message.
For any further questions, please write to “ “. 
Please note that questions & booking attempts regarding appointments will not be answered on this email.

In case of an unannounced no-show, where the applicant does not cancel the appointment in time, any further appointments may be deleted without further notice.



4.3. Prepare Documents for Hungary study visa Application

Complete the visa application form.

Pakistani Students can download their hungry study visa form here. 

Complete the visa application form. Confirm the type of form that matches the stay duration.

Verify all the provided information of the application and complete original copies.
Visa applications may reject due to false information.

Prepare the list of documents we discussed above.



4.4. Collect D-Type Visa and Passport

Applications for residence permits and long-term study visas can take up to 30 days. Students will get visa collection notification after the consul’s decision.
Applicants will receive a D-Type visa for a single entry.
This visa is valid only for 30 days.

When reaching Hungary, apply for a residence permit as soon as possible.



5. Office responsible for Hungary study visa in Pakistan


Hungary Embassy in Pakistan

Address: House No 12, F-6/3 Margalla Road Islamabad P.O.B. 1103 Pakistan

Tel: +92 51 207 7800  , +92 51 207 7804

Fax: 282-5256

Head of Mission: Mr. Béla Fazekas

Email:      (not for visa issues)

Email:   (only for visa issues)

Hungary Embassy Islamabad Official Website



6. Processing Duration for Hungary study visa in Pakistan


The processing time can take from one week to 4 weeks. Depend on individual cases.

Students have to fix their meeting with the consulate. This meeting organizes after receiving an acceptance letter from a Hungary university. 

The Hungary consulate in Islamabad has a tight schedule. Your Visa interview turn normally will come up to 3 weeks.
It is better to apply as early as possible.


7. Hungary Study Visa for Pakistan, Possible Interview Questions


These questions vary from profile to profile and are given below:

Name of the student & questions about previous educational qualification?

What is your purpose for going to Hungary?

Did you already search for opportunities in your home country?

Where is the university located in Hungary?

Who is your sponsor? What is your relationship?

What is your course structure or Course summary?

Which course you will start at the university?

Why did you choose this university and subject?

How will this course shape your career?

How did you find this university?

What are your plans after the completion of the course?

Who advised this accommodation and how much will be?

When will your course start?

Why did you choose Hungary and not another country?

What is the capital of Hungary and the spoken language?

Can you name other cities where famous universities exist?

Did you do an examination or a test made by the university?

Please name the person with whom you are in contact at the university.

Where will you stay in Hungary?

How much do you expect to spend per month in your destination city? On your rent, food & fee.

Is there any information to tell us to support your application?



8. Frequently Asked Questions


Can I apply to Hungary university on 7th-semester transcript?


Yes, you can. By getting a “Hope certificate” from the university.
Students from Pakistan can attach the “Hope certificate” along with all the academic documents & fill out the admission application.

What is Hope’s certificate?
In simple words, It is a certificate based on the previous semester’s performance, that indicates that the candidate will pass the final exams with excellent results.

Most Hungarian universities give admission letters with a hope certificate. Student can send the 8th-semester transcript later.

Plus the admission process sometimes takes time due to a huge number of applicants from around the world. So students can get the 8th-semester transcript by then.



How can I appeal, if my Hungary study visa gets rejected in Pakistan?

The applicant can appeal within 8 calendar days by writing an A4 paper to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary. The appeal must be in English or Hungarian language.

In case of Rejection, The cost of the appeal for Hungary study visas are 34294 PKR per applicant.
The process takes 15 days.
The whole procedure of appeal is here.



Can Pakistani students work part-time in Hungary on a student visa?

Yes, Pakistani Students can do part-time jobs in Hungary. After entering Hungary they need to apply for a residence permit which will allow them to work for 96 hours a month.



Can Pakistani students shift their families with them to Hungary?

If a student wants to shift family members, they will again apply for a family visa, & show proper means of income & supporting documents.
Family can also visit them on special occasions like convocations, special ceremonies, etc.



Can Pakistani students stay in Hungary after graduation?

YES. After graduation from university, Pakistani Students need to apply for a “Work search permit” to stay in Hungary. This work-search residence permit will also help in seeking jobs or entrepreneurship. Students need to submit applications 15 days before their residence permit.

This residence permit is valid for nine months period. 



How can Pakistani students apply for Residence Permit after arriving in Hungary?

Students need this form, to apply for a residence permit in Hungary.

When applying for a residence permit, Pakistani students may also need the following documents:

Acceptance from University

Money proof of fees or accommodation sent to the university


Finances proof

Certified and translated education documents and transcripts

English Language Test Score

Health Insurance

Accommodation arrangements in Hungary   



9.  Hungary study visa for Pakistan (SUMMARY):


1. Take a visa appointment at Hungary Embassy in Islamabad. Choose the correct visa category. (D Type, long-term visa.)

2. Pay the visa fee and other processing fees. Provide them with enough financial resources (In case you didn’t get any scholarship)

3. Carefully Prepare the list of 21 documents discussed above.

4. Do the visa interview & wait for the result. It can take some time.


If something isn’t clear, Please don’t hesitate to ask us any further questions in the comments.


If You have any questions related to your Hungary study visa or any other study visa, you can also contact us for a live one-on-one session.

Whatsapp Contact: +393512735708


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    • It depends on which type of visa you are applying for. All the prices are given above in detail. check heading number 2. (Visa price in Pakistan). Plus the attestation process can take up to 100 euros. if you want to do IELTS it can take up to (150-250 euros). The VFS service charges can take up to 30-40 euros (if you want to use it). The bank statement you submit & the admission price etc everything is mention above in detail.

      Please do your own calculation according to your own need.
      I hope my answer helps.

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