Want to apply for a fully funded UK scholarship? Here is everything you want to know about the CHEVENING scholarship.


Chevening Scholarship is one of the very few fully funded scholarships in the UK.

It provides excellent opportunities to outstanding international candidates from across the globe.

But, No matter how good of an academic background and career history you’ve got, you cannot get the Chevening scholarship unless you’ve applied rightfully.

Some students face difficulties while answering Chevening essay questions,
Some are confused about Chevening interviews,
While others have queries about the eligibility criteria for Chevening courses.

This ultimate Chevening scholarship guide will answer each & everything.

It will not only explain the step-by-step Chevening application process but will also inform you about scholarship deadlines.

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Don’t miss the question-answer session at the end of the blog. So without dragging it any further, let’s get to the point.



Chevening Scholarship


1. What are the benefits of the Chevening scholarship

2. Eligibility Criteria For the Chevening Scholarship

3. Who isn’t eligible for the Chevening scholarship

4. Chevening courses offer

5. Documents required for Chevening scholarship

6. How to apply for a British Chevening scholarship

7. Chevening method of selection

8. Mistakes while applying for Chevening scholarship

9. Chevening interview questions

10. Chevening Contact

11. Chevening  FAQS

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1. What are the benefits of the Chevening scholarship

Benefits of Chevening Scholarship:

  • Return Tickets (Economy Class)
  • Tuition Fee Wavier
  • Visa Application Fee compensation
  • Travel, Arrival & Departure Allowance
  • Monthly Stipends For Living & Accommodation
  • TB Testing Fee Reimbursement (75£)

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2. Eligibility Criteria For the Chevening Scholarship

  1. The applicant must have a bachelor’s degree when applying. They should be ready to apply for master’s or postgraduate programs in the UK at the time of application submission.
  2. At least two years of work experience are required. (Equivalent to 2,800 hours)Remember, The work experience required for Chevening could be paid, unpaid, full-time, part-time or voluntary. It could be done before, during, or after graduation.
  3. Unconditional offer letter from a Uk university until mid of this year, (13 July 2023).
    Remember students can apply to 3 Uk universities.
  4. When the scholarship ends, The applicant must go back to their country & serve for two years.

Remember only the list of eligible countries can apply for Chevening scholarships.


3. Who is not eligible for the Chevening scholarship

  1. Applicants who have previously studied with UK Government-funded scholarships.
  2. Hold a British passport or seeking asylum in non-chevening eligible countries
  3. Employee or former employee or relatives of an employee of Chevening partner organizations or UK government etc.
    This rule only applies to only those who have been employed with the above organizations within the last two years from the opening of Chevening applications.

Remember students can get a Chevening scholarship even if they are applying for a second master’s degree, just explain thoroughly how the grant will help your career & country.


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4. Chevening courses offer

  1. Only Full-time courses that are based in Uk, are eligible for Chevening scholarships
  2. Courses must lead to master’s degree qualification, it shouldn’t be research-based.
  3. Chevening courses Start in the autumn term (usually September/October)
  4. Courses should not be part-time or less than 9 months in duration or more than 12 months. ( The masters in the UK is one year)
  5. The chosen Courses must not be taught outside UK (for any specific period of time)
  6. Ph.D. or Phil courses are not eligible for the Chevening scholarship.

Currently, there are thousands of Chevening-eligible engineering courses for international students in the UK. 

Every type of course from studying “Art & Music” to Engineering,
Economics to agriculture,  Medicine, law & management.

Every kind, of course, is available.

Students can find Chevening courses with this finder.

Remember, students can apply for 3 different courses, they should not be of the same content.
They need to apply separately to every selected course directly via the university.

Students can’t change their choice of courses after submitting an application unless they are allowed to, at the time of the interview.


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5. Documents required for Chevening scholarship:


The applicant can upload up to 15 documents on the Chevening portal. The file size shouldn’t exceed 2 GB.
Technically, the following 10 documents are required for the Chevening scholarship.

5.1. Academic documents

5.2. Valid Passport

5.3. Chevening Essay questions

5.4. Europass CV

5.5. Experience letter

5.6. University Unconditional letter

5.7. Reference letters/Recommendation letters

5.8. Letter of Motivation

5.9. IELTS / TOFEL (if applicable)

5.10. Portfolios or workshops (in some cases)



5.1.  Academic documents

This includes all your certificates & academic record like

A: Bachelor’s transcript & certificate

B: Master’s transcript & certificate (if the student is applying for 2nd Masters or fellowship)

C: Metric & FSC transcripts (10-12th Grade) (A level) (DMCs) and certificates (Supporting academic documents)

D: Course summary (to explain your courses & how your previous courses & studies resemble your future studies in which you are applying)

All of the above documents should be attested by respective boards.

Also, attest them from issuing authority of home countries. The respective university must attest university documents.

In the case of Pakistan, The above-mentioned documents must be attested by IBCC, HEC, and MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

IBCC authority is only responsible for the attestation of metric and inter documents.

Dear offices are present in Peshawar, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and also in other cities of Pakistan.

HEC office attests bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. documents.



5.2. Valid passport

The passport of the applicant must contain one full blank page on both sides.
The passport must be valid at the time of visa application and on arrival to the UK.




5.3. Chevening Essay questions

There is a total of four Chevening scholarship essay questions, which are compulsory to answer.

The minimum word limit to these questions is 100 & it shouldn’t exceed 500 words.
The applicants may disqualify if they don’t follow the word limit.


5.3.1   Leadership and influence

5.3.2   Networking (Relationship building & shared learning

5.3.3  Study in the UK

5.3.4  Career Plan


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5.3.1. Leadership and Influence

The Chevening panel wants you to explain how you will influence the future of your community & country through your leadership skills.

Practical concise Examples could be given from your recent experience.



  1. Don’t be generic or theoretic, Focus on the positive changes you brought in the organization in your recent professional experience.
  2. Give clear-cut examples of your leadership & try to prove them with various means of figures or statistics.
  3. Take the “STAR Approach” (situation, task, action, result) while explaining your examples.
  4. Focus on how you professionally develop a team & what was its long-term effect on the organization’s future.
  5. How you performed a project on a limited budget & how you overcome the difficulties & challenges.
  6. Also, explain how you handled the critics & hold the faith of your team members.



5.3.2.  Networking (Relationship building & shared learning)

Here Chevening panel expects you to explain how you can grow a network & maintain long-lasting professional relationships with your colleagues & subordinates.
How it will help the Chevening community.

Practical concise Examples could be given from your recent experience.


  1. if a candidate is using the example of social media as a network tool, then they need to explain that part thoroughly.
  2. Mention your local & International connections & networks (if you have any). Expand on them.
  3. Focus on how your network has helped an individual’s future & how it has the potential to shape communities.
  4. Explain your communication skills. Explain specifically how your open-mindedness, Empathy & Friendliness helped others.
  5. The applicants should mention the different cultural groups they worked with.
    how connecting with people from different walks of life benefits them personally & professionally.



5.3.3  Study in UK

Here Chevening panel wants you to explain the reason for your chosen courses & universities. How these courses are related to your previous studies & how will help you professionally in the future?

Please don’t repeat what you have already mentioned in the work experience & Cv.


  1. Explain all three courses in detail & how they will impact your future.
  2. Beware to not copy-paste the content from the university’s official sites or promotional materials.
  3. Explain your expectations about the experience you will share in these universities.
  4. Show your curiosity related to the research abilities of the different faculties you choose.


5.3.4. Career Plan

Here Chevening panel wants you to explain your immediate goals after the completion of the study.
Try to explain your short-term plans  & long-term ambitions in relevance to the Chevening scholarship.


  1. Your goals should be concise & practical.
  2. Emphasize how you will solve different problems in your community & country.
  3. There should be a research aspect to your answer. But don’t just wish for PhD after the Master. If so, then back it up with convincing arguments.
  4. Most importantly, Focus on how the Chevening scholarship will help you attain your future career plans.



5.4. Europass Cv

Europass CV can be easily made here.
The Cv must contain all the latest & relevant information about your occupation & interests.
A perfect CV must be hand signed.



5.5. Experience letter for Chevening scholarship

Applicant must provide an Experience letter of the previous jobs & Internships.
Try to customize the work experience letter with future studies.

Mention your job descriptions, work projects & the skills you learned through time.

The letter must be signed & verified by the Head or CEO of the company.

At least two years of work experience are required. (Equivalent to 2,800 hours)

The work experience could be paid,
full time,
part-time or voluntary.
It could be done before, during, or after graduation.




5.6.  University Unconditional Letter

Applicants can pick up to three eligible universities, however; there is no need to have a CAS at the time of Chevening application.

A CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) letter is an electronic document issued by a college or university. It is an unconditional offer letter.

Students need a CAS letter before applying for a UK study visa. The Home Office sees it on its database.

The CAS letter comprises all information about the course and sponsor.
It also includes financial proof.
The information present on the institution-generated CAS letter and application form should be the same.
UK visa applications may decline if the information on the CAS letter and application are not the same.

Students can apply and receive many CAS letters from different institutions.
You will select one CAS letter from a specific institution at the time of application.

All other CAS letters become invalid and can’t be used for student applications.

After granting a visa, a student will study at an institute that provides a CAS letter & applies for Chevening scholarship with that letter.



5.7. Letter of References for Chevening scholarship

The applicants must provide 2-3 letters of recommendation from the previous university, (Depending upon courses).

It is advised to provide a letter of recommendation from the HOD (Head of department or Relevant course head) who should be a PhD.

In case your application gets accepted and you’re called for an interview, it is mandatory to take along two written reference letters (one professional and one academic).

The referees need to write their contact details (Email, phone number) at the end of the letter.

The letter must include an official letterhead, signature, and official stamp and must be of the current date.

The letter should be addressed to British Embassy or high commission. (The referees may be contacted later by these two institutions.)

Ask your Referees to write about your academic achievements & discuss their confidence in you that you are fully compatible with the project or course you wish to pursue through Chevening scholarship.

The referees must also mention how long they know the applicant & when was the last time they came in contact with the applicant.



5.8. Letter of motivation for Chevening scholarship:

It’s a Short biography to tell the panelist about yourself:

Letter of motivation could be a tricky part while selecting your course for chevening scholarship in UK universities.

In this letter, you are asked to write about your personal and professional reasons why are you applying for a course.

The maximum length of this letter is three pages, But it is advised to make it short & concise to one page.

How to write a perfect letter of Motivation

If you are interested in writing your LOM on one page concisely, then follow this exact method.

LOM consists of three parts.

5.8.1.  Introduction (one paragraph)
5.8.2  Body (3 paragraphs)
5.8.3. Conclusion (1 paragraph)

Let’s explain these three things one by one.


5.8.1. Introduction:

Introduction is the gateway to the rest of the letter. Try to capture their interest in first few sentences. Be original & creative.
Make it personal & full of enthusiasm.

TIP: Try to initiate a story about yourself relevant to the scholarship you are applying & then expand it to the first paragraph of the body.



5.8.2.  Body:

In the first paragraph of the body, try to tell about your relevant academic & experienced background to the course.
And your professional goals attached to the UK & university. Share your expectations of the scholarship.

In the 2nd paragraph be more precise & focus on the specific achievement related to the scholarship & course.

In the 3rd paragraph expand on what you are currently doing & the interesting things you look forward to.



5.8.3. Conclusion:

Tell them why you are the best candidate for this scholarship. Don’t sound needy or use pompous language instead focus on why you deserve it.

Tell them how this scholarship will help you or the future of your community.



Tips for Letter of Motivation:
  1. Don’t repeat what you have already written in your CV introduction or cover letter. Try to capture their interest in the first paragraph.
  2. Try to stick to one theme, don’t jump around ideas. Be specific.
  3. It shouldn’t cross 2 pages. In fact, I will advise you to write one page. Share ideas shortly, you will later have time to expand on them in an interview.
  4. Your LOM should answer, Why do you apply for the selected master’s program? Which of the courses offered in this program are particularly beneficial in pursuing your professional goals?
  5. Make sure your letter of motivation is well-composed. First, reflect on all the above questions, take notes, read more, and discuss with friends. Then write an outline. Then write the text.
  6. Apply an appropriate style of writing. It could be a little informal but factual. Somewhere in between academic & informal, but avoid flattery, verbose & bombast language & phrases.
  7. Do not campaign for your beliefs.
  8. Proofread the text and delete all dispensable and redundant parts. In the end, your letter of motivation should comprise not more than two pages.


5.9. IELTS:

It is not the requirement of chevening scholarship per say, but to apply for any UK university the applicant must provide

Though it appears in the process, you are not supposed to have an IELTS score already. Once you’ve been shortlisted for the Chevening Scholarship Program, a timeline will be shared to submit the scores.

However, it is always incredible to submit your scores by the end of November or the start of December.

It puts a positive impact on your application and you also get the chance to improve your scores in case required.

Here is a detailed guide about IELTS.

Once all your details have been filled and documents uploaded, review the application thoroughly and hit the apply button.

Do not fill out the application in a hurry; take your time and ensure you put everything in the right way.

Also, do not wait for the last date to submit your application but do that in advance to avoid any inconvenience.

We hope that this extensive guide to successfully submitting your Chevening scholarship application will help.



5.10. Portfolios or workshop

It’s optional. However, students can attach portfolios or workshops to support their cases for the Chevening scholarship.  




6. How to apply for a British Chevening scholarship


Students can apply for the Chevening scholarship in Four easy steps.

6.1. Check the eligibility criteria & then carefully select the course

6.2. Prepare the list of documents

6.3. Register to the online portal

6.4. Chevening scholarship deadline



6.1. Eligibility Criteria & Selection of Course

First things first, see through the eligibility criteria and know if you qualify already.

There is no use in getting to the other steps of the Chevening application unless you meet their eligibility criteria.

It covers all the essentials from course-picking advice to the English language criteria, work experience requirements, and all that you should know before moving forward.

Once you’ve thoroughly read the criteria and qualify that, you’re good to move forward to make a sound course choice.

As a part of your Chevening Scholarship application, you’ll have to pick three different master’s courses that are eligible under the program and that you feel interested in.

Also, you’ll have to apply for those courses in your chosen universities. When picking the courses, you should always do thorough research.

Do not just make a random choice, instead; keep three things in mind.
i.e., your academic background,
work experience,
and the goals you aim to achieve in life.

However, you should always keep in mind to pick the courses available at universities that fall under the eligibility criteria of the Chevening Scholarship program.

Chevening course finder could be of great help in this regard for it only shows you the list of courses available at the Chevening-eligible universities.




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6.2. Prepare the list of documents for Chevening application: 

Prepare the list of ten documents that we discussed above in detail.




6.3. Register for the online Chevening scholarship portal

After checking the eligibility criteria above, the next step is to register in the online application system.

6 essential tips while filling out the online Chevening application form.

1. Save as you go, because there is no auto-save on the portal. Plus each session closes in 60 minutes.

2. It is recommended to use your laptop or PC while filling out the OAS. Don’t use mobile or tablet.

3. The files that the applicant wants to upload must be in JPG/PNG/PDF format only & should exceed 5 MB. 

4. Don’t plagiarize or repeat the answers. Plus the Essay answers shouldn’t be less than 100 words or more than 500 words per answer.

5. Be careful while submitting the application, because there is no edit option after submission.

6. Last but not least, Don’t forget our username, password, or recovery email.

Students can register & then log in here to the Chevening online application system.



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6.4. Stay Updated about Chevening scholarship deadlines

After registering to the online Chevening scholarship portal the last crucial step is to stay updated about the deadlines.

Always know about the dates and timings of the entire application process.

Generally, The Chevening scholarship application starts in the beginning of August & finishes in November, every year.

The timeline for this year is 

12 September 2023,  Chevening scholarship applications open

7 NOVEMBER 2023, Chevening scholarship applications close

The deadline for this year is



12 September 2023





Those APPLICATIONS get separated which are against eligibility criteria.


Chevening Reading Committee Assessments







JUNE 2024

Chevening scholarships Results

11 JULY 2024

Offer deadline for Unconditional Letter




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7. Chevening method of selection


The Chevening method of selection is pretty straightforward, 

1. It normally starts with selecting a course & registering to their online portal, along with a CV, Academic Certificates, & the list of documents that is discussed above in detail.

2. If your application is successful, in the second phase you will be invited to an interview or an evaluation round with other applicants.

However, the criteria could be changed a little, but as a whole the general selection method is above.



8. Mistakes while applying for the Chevening scholarship

Students can make mistakes while filling out the pre-screen form or Chevening application form.

  1. While accessing to “Chevening application form” students sometimes fill in the “Prescreen form” incorrectly.
    Even answering one question incorrectly can make you ineligible for a scholarship.
  2. Don’t write unrealistic details about your work experience. Make sure you have calculated the ( Minimum  2800 hours) correctly.Generally speaking, One year of full-time work & one year of part-time work would be enough for the Chevening scholarship if calculated correctly.
    Calculate the number of hours per week & then multiply it by the number of weeks.
  3. Sometimes the Applicants enter duplicate courses at the same universities, which makes them ineligible. Students should select 3 different courses.
  4. Any kind of repetition or plagiarism in the essay questions or Chevening scholarship application can make applicants unqualified. Remember the selection committee use plagiarism software, so any kind of copying can be spotted very quickly.



9. Chevening Scholarship Interview Questions:


The Chevening interview is the best way to explain things that you couldn’t explain in your essays & application, due to word limits.

The Chevening panel will ask you questions related to your submitted application.

The students could also be asked about the update on their Chevening application & the choice of courses.
There is a possibility to ask about any changes they want to do to their application.

Some of the highly possible Chevening interview questions are given below.

Tell us about yourself: A general introduction to the Chevening panel?
Explain your past & cultural background generally.

What are your educational achievements? Any articles, research papers, or extracurricular activities you were involved with during your education?

The Chevening panel could ask specific educational questions related to your subject.

Which courses do you select? Why did you select it? How will you achieve success? What is the course summary of your subject or courses?

 Questions could be asked related to the university you have chosen.

which city you have selected? Why?

Tell us about your thesis. (Here the applicant can explain thoroughly the thesis)

How your Chevening proposal will support your country?

what do you want to achieve for your country through Chevening scholarship? How it will help you & your country?

What is your backup plan?

Talk about the activities you were involved in voluntarily or socially. Any social achievements?

The panel could also ask questions related to your networking skills, or interactions. & how have you helped your community through your networks?

How can you contribute to the Chevening community? How will you spread your message or help people through your success?

Questions will be asked related to your work experience.  What is the biggest achievement in your professional life?

What are our leadership skills, which contributed to your personal & professional life?

Who is your role model? What have your learned from him/her?

What will your time schedule be during your studies? Will you participate in social & extra activities?

Have you spent time away from home before? How will you handle the stress? Homes sickness etc?

Where did you see yourself in ten years & what are your short-term & long-term goals? 



10. Chevening scholarship contact

Students can visit this page  for any technical support regarding their long-in or password issues for the Chevening scholarship.
 or if they want to do any edits to their application (before submitting it).

Students can even inform Chevening through “ contact us “ & tell them about “Differed university offers” or any edits related to their personal data.



11. Chevening scholarship FAQS


11.1. Is Chevening scholarship available for Bachelor’s & PhD?

NO. Students can only apply for a Chevening scholarship after their graduation when they already have a bachelor’s degree.
It’s only for Master’s degree programs.
There are Fellowship research grants in Chevening scholarship but not for PhD.



11.2. Can I change my course after submitting Chevening application? 

NO. Technically you can’t make changes to your Chevening application after submitting it.
There is a possibility that during the Chevening interview, you can notify the panel about your desired course edits.
Your interviewers should authorize these course edits.
The candidate still needs an unconditional letter for these courses.



11.3. How much bank balance is required for a UK study visa if I already got the Chevening scholarship?

Bank balance is not important if you get a Chevening scholarship, because it almost covers all the expenses.
However, in other cases, a bank statement or a letter from a financial sponsor will be needed for a UK study visa.

It is proof that a student can cover the tuition fees, living costs, and accommodation for the first year or at least the first 9 months.

A student visa in the UK demands that the applicant must have £1,015 per month as a living cost.

So technically International students must show a bank statement of 9000 £ for a UK study visa if their courses are outside London.

If a student is living in London, then they will show a bank statement of  11,385 £. Because the living costs according to UK immigration calculation will be £1,265 per month (in London). 



11.4. Can I change my name, date of birth, citizenship, or address after submitting Chevening application? 

YES. Querry of such regarding can be changed even after submitting your application. Just try to resolve it as soon as possible.
Inform the Chevening panel through “ contact us “ & tell them about your issue.

Remember such edits are only limited to personal data. It doesn’t include changes in course, essays or work experience, etc.



11.5. Can I apply for a Chevening Scholarship using a deferred university offer?

Yes. You can apply for a Chevening scholarship using a deferred university offer if the university offer is for a Chevening-eligible course.

You will still need to identify three university courses in your Chevening application, and you must receive an unconditional offer from one of these courses by the deadline.



11.6. Can I have an extension on my  Chevening scholarship application?

No. Extensions will not be granted under any circumstances.



11.7. Can I submit more than one Chevening application?

NO. Students must submit only one Chevening Scholarship application during each application period.
Students can apply for both fellowships and scholarships, if available for their country.
Just pay attention that which one is more relevant to your experience.
Also remember that if you withdraw your application, you cannot submit another.



11.8. Can I submit a paper copy of the Chevening application form?

No. Applications must be submitted online through the Chevening Online Application System.



We cover everything in detail, but if you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments.

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