EDISU Scholarship ITALY 2022-2023 Online Application Submission, Requirements, and Procedure: FAQs

If you want to study in Italy & get a Fully funded Italian scholarship? Here is a step-by-step process for EDISU Piemonte scholarships.

EDISU Scholarship 2022-2023 is now open for international students to submit their applications for admission to Italian Universities for the academic year of 2022. 

“Ente regionale per il diritto allo studio universitario” (Edisu) is a fully funded Italian regional scholarship that can grant a sum of 7240 euros. (Depending upon student’s ranking )

If you are interested to study in Italy for free, this detailed guide will explain the “Edisu Scholarship” step-by-step process.

Remember EDISU process is a little different than DSU.
The rules are the same but the method of document submission, universities & deadlines are different.

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Table of content

1. What are the benefits of Edisu?

2. Who can apply for EDISU scholarship?

3. Which documents are required for Edisu scholarship?

4. How to apply for Edisu scholarship?

5. What are the deadlines for Edisu scholarship?

6. Which universities in Italy come under EDISU?
7. Some important questions about Edisu

8. Summary of the Blog




The list of 37 English-taught Universities in Italy.


1. What are the benefits of EDISU scholarship?

Edisu mainly provides 4 benefits to its scholarship holders.

1. One free Meal per day for a whole year.

2. The tuition Fee is fully covered.

3. Hostel accommodation or coverage of living (renting) expenses.

4. A total sum of 7240 euros will be given.
(if the hostel is given then 4540 euros will be granted. Remember the scholarship grant can lie in between too, depending on your Student’s ISEE)

Note: The Edisu grant strictly depends on the student’s income status & merit.

In the first year it’s mostly “Income Need base”, but in 2nd year it mostly gets merit base.


Check step by step process of Italy study visa.


2. Who can apply for the EDISU scholarship?

National & International students of Bachelors, Masters & PhD students from all areas & disciplines can apply for Edisu.
There are no age restrictions for the Edisu scholarship. Anyone who got admission in Italian university can apply for Edisu.

These are regional and need-based scholarships.

Edisu scholarship is awarded strictly on two bases.
1. Income of the applicant
2. Merit of the applicant

The income of the applicant must be less than 23k per annum to be eligible.

The merit change every year. It depends upon how many students applied per year.

Students should be enrolled or at least finish the Pre-enrolment process before applying.

Phd students are only eligible if they aren’t beneficiaries or taking other research funds.

Remember one can be eligible for edisu scholarship but still fail to get the scholarship, because of not fulfilling the income or merit criteria.


3. Which documents are required for Edisu scholarship?

1. Family income certificate

2. Bank certificate

3. Property certificate

4. University admission/Pre-Enrollment letter

5. FRC (Family registration certificate)

6. DOV (Declaration of value)/CIMEA/Self declaration

7. Codice fiscale

8. ISEE Parificato

9. Passport

10. Italian Translation of the documents

11. Academic documents ( Additional document)

12. CV  ( Additional document)

13. Course description  ( Additional document)

14. IELTS (English Proficiency) ( Additional documents )


 I will explain each document one by one.


3.1. Family income certificate:

 This certificate must have your family members’ full names,
occupations, Age & their income individually.

If you are from Pakistan then the income certificate must be made & verified by the FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) office.
If you are from India you have to verify it from the Revenue officer.

Students from other countries must verify their income certificate from their respective authorities. And Remember the income certificate must be from last year.


3.2. Bank certificate:

Bank certificate of each family member. but If they are unemployed or students or retired etc then you should provide evidence to those documents. ie Retirement letter, etc.
You don’t need to legalize the bank statement.

3.3. Property certificate:

This certificate contains all the property details of your family. if you are living in a rented home, then you should mention that.
if you are from Pakistan this document should be legalized & made by Tehsildar or in DC (deputy commissioner) office.


3.4. University admission letter (Enrollment letter):

It’s proof that you are already enrolled as an international student.

3.5. FRC (Family registration certificate)

It is only required in the case of Pakistani students.
The NADRA office in Pakistan issues it, (you can even apply for it online)
other countries like India need a family composition certificate. International students should look in their respective specific areas)


3.6.  DOV (Declaration of value)/CIMEA/Self declaration:

DOV is a descriptive document detailing the qualification awarded to a given person by any institution other than the Italian education system.

In other words
It is a measure of assessing the given qualification by the competent University for the prospect of admission to a degree program or recognition of the foreign qualification.

If DOV & CIMEA isn’t available at the moment you can upload it in the form of self-declaration that you are eligible for this course.

It is usually issued by the Italian Embassy in the country where the qualification was awarded.
this document will be given at the time

Regional Authentication Centre or Department of Education of the country must authenticate the highest degree by which the degree has been obtained.  

All These documents must be from last year & legalized by their respective authorities. (according to your country)
These documents should also be translated.

Remember in most cases FRC & Family income certificate is enough. In family income certificate the property is mentioned too.

3.7. Codice fiscale:

It’s a tax code. The Italian Fiscal code known as “Codice Fiscale” is an alphanumeric code made up of 16 characters.

If you haven’t created your codice fiscale yet, click here. & create it in two minutes.


3.8. ISEE Parificato:

In easy language, ISEE Parificato is a certificate that summarizes the income and property information from abroad.
This document will evaluate whether you are eligible for a scholarship or not.

Who will issue ISEE Parificato?

The applicant will get this certificate in Italy from The CAAF office ( Authorized Center for Fiscal Assistance).

How to make ISEE Parificato?


4. How to apply for Edisu scholarships?


It’s 5 Step process.

1. Check Regional scholarship

2. Prepare the set of 14 documents

3. Apply for “ISEE Parificato”

4. Fill out & submit the online application

5. Courier to Edisu



Step #1: Check regional scholarship:

First Check out which regional scholarship your university is offering.

whether your university is offering “Edisu” or other Italian regional scholarships, like DSU, LAZIODISU, ERSU, ERGO, ALISEO ETC.


To check this go to your university’s official website, in the top menu, there would be a “scholarship option for international students”.

For example in the case of UNITO (university of Turin).
Go to the “UNITO official website” > ”Studying at unito” > “Scholarships for international students” > “scholarships awarded by Edisu Piemonte”.

See the screenshot.
The applicant can do the same method for every university to find out which regional scholarships is applicable in their Italian host university.




Step#2:  Gather all the 14 documents discussed in this blog. Carefully read the criteria of documents. (Also do the Italian translation of these documents).



Step#3: Apply for ISEE Parificato/ How to make ISEE Parificato?

IN 2022, for  EDISU scholarship, ISEE parificato can no longer be generated remotely or by simply creating a ticket on Edisu portal.

The rules are changed. 
Instead, the applicant should either apply in person
send someone on their behalf.


Edisu website” > “Data” > “Informative directories” > list CAAF will appear.

Make an appointment, Be there on time, provide all your documents and they will make your ISEE Parificato.

See the screenshot.





Sending someone on their behalf: (using student proxy)

in this case, “EDISU website” > “Data” > “Forms”> ”Scholarship”> ”Form proxy ISEE Parificato”; 

See the screenshot.



students will send the filled form, their ID, and the ID of the person they choose to EDISU by ticketing. 

EDISU will authorize the CAAF to issue the ISEE to the person on the student’s behalf. 

The person must go to the CAAF the day of the appointment with the consular documents, a copy of the proxy letter, his/her own ID and a copy of the student’s ID and the operators will issue the ISEE Parificato in the same day. 

The CAAF will issue the ISEE Parificato based on the information they find in consular documents for free.

If the CAAF is not able to issue the ISEE within the application deadline, students can submit the receipt of its request.

The ISEE should be submitted later with a complaint.

Documents required for ISEE Parificato?

For the ISEE parificato, The applicant needs       
Income certificate,
property certificate,
Bank statement,
Family details certificate
Passport copy



Step#4: Fill & submit the online application at Edisu portal

Register to the “Edisu website” by doing these steps

1.—> “Sirvizi online” 2. —> “Borzi di studio” 3. —> “Sportello online”

See the screenshot.




After registering on the Edisu website, Fill out the scholarship application form.
Then print it & sign it.

Scan your ID, Front/back copy of a valid ID document, in black and white, scanned on a single sheet.

Attach your ISEE Perificato, visa copy & Codice fiscale.


The sent Documents are only accepted in pdf format, & don’t increase the size from 1 mb.(if your visa or ISEE is delayed, you can attach the receipt of its request)

Submit the scanned & signed application form with required documents exclusively online within the deadline.

Edisu will email you if they need any extra documents.


Step#5: Send the documents in a sealed Envelope to the Edisu office.

After submitting the online application form, now you have to send the documents to the EDISU office in physical form through courier or any trusted person.

Write your SURNAME and NAME, on the courier envelope & send it to the following address:

“EDISU PIEMONTE, Via Madama Cristina 83, 10126, TORINO, Italy”.

It must be sealed, otherwise, Edisu will not accept it.

5. What are the deadlines for Edisu scholarship?

This scholarship opens every year in May-June, & the deadline is August or September.
(It usually ends on 30th September)

Deadline for Edisu scholarship (and accommodation) for 2022: 2 September 2022 at noon 

Deadline for scholarship-only for 2022: 30 September 2022 at noon (Italian time)


6. Universities under EDISU Scholarship

1. Polytechnic University of Turin

2. University of Turin

3. University of Pavia


7. Some frequently asked questions about EDISU Scholarship:

7.1. When does Edisu publish the final ranking list?


In December. The final ranking list of scholarship holders is mostly published at the end of December every year.


7.2. Can I get Edisu & DSU at the same time?

NO. Edisu & DSU are regional scholarships.
Applicants can’t get benefits from two regional scholarships at the same time.


7.3. Can I get Edisu & any other scholarship at the same time?

NO. Students can only get benefit from one scholarship at a time. The Edisu beneficiaries will be considered incompatible if the student tries to get funds from other scholarships.


8. Summary of the whole process:

  1. Get admission to any university in Italy.
  2. Prepare the 14 list of documents discussed above.
  3. Submit the scholarship application form online & then courier it to the edisu office.
  4. Wait for the final ranking.

For more details, please visit the following official sites of EDISU.


If you have any more questions in your mind, please don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments. we will try to answer as much as we can.


    • yes, it does. it also provides One free Meal per day for a whole year, Hostel accommodation or coverage of living (renting) expenses. & a total sum of 7240 euros will be given.

      please check the benefits of EDISU in the blog.

  1. Hello Sir, you have mentioned that there’s no age criteria for both the scholarships. But people say that students with age more than 30 do not get need based scholarships even though ISEE value is less. Is it true? Do you know anyone who is of 30+ age and received either of these scholarships in 2021 or 2022??

    • HI robin, these are strictly needed-base-merit regional scholarships. I don’t think age has any role-playing in it. plus I just cross-checked it again, there are no specific mentions of age 30.
      So you should apply for it.
      if your ISEE is fine, you will get it. best wishes.


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