GRE: A Detail Guide To Score Higher

Get all the important details about GRE and test preparation tips to score higher

This is an Ultimate Guide on GRE that’s score can be the crucial part of the application process but you will get admission to your dream university with it.  

You must have completed or going to complete your undergraduate degree program.  

Graduate Record Examination or GRE also gives you an edge over other candidates for a fully funded scholarship. It is always worth scoring well on GRE for scholarships. 

No, matter how the GRE syllabus haunts you, there is always a way to come back and win this challenge. You can score higher if you follow the following guide from the core of your heart.  

So, let’s Hop on the guide! 


How to prepare for GRE

1. What is GRE?

2. What are the types of GRE?

3. GRE Syllabus 

4. How much is the fee for GRE?

5. What is a Waiver Letter for GRE?

6. How to write a Waiver letter for GRE?

7. Conclusion



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1. What is GRE? 

GRE’s full form is Graduate Record Examination. It is a test which is required for students to get admission to various universities abroad. The test is required for master’s level courses in many countries.

Basically, this test is divided into three parts to check the student’s overall ability and knowledge.

These three parts include:  

1.1. Analytical Writing  

1.2. Verbal Reasoning  

1.3. Quantitative Reasoning 

After passing these tests your marks decide in which university you can get in depending on the criteria of different universities.



2. What are the types of GRE?  

There are two methods or types through which we can give GRE. The first one is a computer-based test and the other one is a paper-based test 


2.1. Computer-Based GRE 

The computer-based test is conducted online through a computer.  In this test, we have 3 hours and 45mins and there are 6 portions to attempt.

The first portion is analytical writing, then we have 2 portions verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning.

The last one is of verbal or quantitative reasoning portion.

You can download and review the sample test for GRE here  

Or get the PDF here.


2.2. Paper-Based GRE 

The GRE test has also been conducted on a paper sheet. 

The main sections are the same; analytical writing, verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning.

But in this method, we have 2 portions of each part. The analytical writing has a limit of 1 hour, 30 minutes for each sub-section 

Verbal reasoning has a 1 hour and 10 minutes time limit, 35mins for each subsection. 

Then, quantitative reasoning has a 1 hour and 20 mins time limit with 40mins each sub-section.


The total time will be 3 hours and 30mins for the paper sheet pattern. 



GRE Syllabus is not that much hard as we assume. We just need the right track and self-determination to cover this whole course.  

The GRE syllabus is structured according to the 3 portions of the test: 

3.1. Analytical writing  

3.2. Verbal reasoning

3.3. Quantitative reasoning

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3.1. Analytical writing

The analytical writing has a time limit of 1 hour. You will be given 30 minutes for each sub-section. 

Analytical writing consists of two sub-sections. 

3.1.1. Analyze an Argument

In this section, your ability to analyze is tested in such a way that you have to observe a given article and all you have to do is define that complex article in your words and express your thoughts logically.

You can also back up your thoughts with some examples and should present your view with some strong counterarguments. This portion of analytical writing is called analysing an argument.  


3.1.2. Analyse an Issue  

In this task, you need to evaluate an issue. There should be solid arguments, reasoning and proposed solutions to the specific issue. You need to give reasons and examples to support your opinion. 



3.2. Verbal reasoning 

In this section of the test, your ability of reading and ability to complete sentences is checked. 

In this verbal section, we have 20 questions and a time limit of 1 hour.

1hour is divided into 2 portions of verbal reasoning with 20 questions in total.

One portion of verbal reasoning has a time limit of 30 mints 

Verbal reasoning consists of two types of questions:

3.2.1. Multiple choices

3.2.2. Paragraph selection 


3.2.1. Multiple-Choice Questions

In this section, there are multiple choice questions and you have to identify that one is correct and understand the main point of that sentence. In some of the multiple-choice questions, there is more than one correct answer, so you check all the correct ones.   

3.2.2. Paragraph selection

There is also a portion in which you have to select between the paragraphs. In this section, you have to select according to the given explanation. Through this section, your skills in reading and understanding of English language are checked.

You have to understand the meaning of the words and sentences because through this you can pass this section easily when you’ll understand the meaning of words and sentences then you can easily complete sentences, correct sentences and select the correct options. You can also find the example of this portion through this link.



3.3. Quantitative reasoning

Quantitative reasoning includes mathematical questions that include basic concepts of mathematics, algebra, quantitative methods and other calculation questions.  

It is an examination of your mathematics skills and the syllabus is given on their official site. You need to analyze the mathematical questions and then solve these problems.

Quantitative reasoning includes2 sections and it has a time limit of 1 hour and 10mins which is divided into two sections with 35 mins each.


In this section there are four different types of questions:

  • Comparing values
  • Multiple choice questions (with one correct answer)
  • Multiple choice questions (with more than one correct answer)
  • One problem of high school level (from any topic)

Note: People who give GRE on the computer have a calculator installed on the computer and those who give test on paper are given a Manual calculator. So that they don’t waste time on small calculations.

You can check some sample examples link here.



4. How much is the fee for GRE 

General test fee:

The general test fee is different in every country but the general fee is around $205-$230 worldwide.

Subject test fee:

The subject test fee is the same around the world and it is $150. 

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5. What is a Waiver Letter for GRE?  

Let’s suppose you pass your GRE test and you get your name on the final list of Universities but financial issues are resisting you to pursue your dream.  

In that case, you have an option of a student loan or GRE fee concession which is given to students to continue their studies that is no more than 1400$.

But to get a concession on the GRE fee or student loan you must have a good waiver letter.  

You have to write a letter to the student loan department or you can write it to the aid department for students and show them your result. This will prove that you are eligible for this concession. 


5.1. Required condition for the waiver letter

There are some conditions which have to be fulfilled to get the waiver letter accepted.

  • Academic background is required. You must have a degree of graduation along with your transcript showing your exceptional performance. 
  • It also depends on your GRE test result. GRE is valid for 5 years. You could get your waiver accepted on the basis of your performance.
  • You must have a letter of recommendation from the principal of your last high school department.
  • You must show that you are excellent at three sections of the GRE test (analytical writing, verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning).
  • You might have some disadvantages if your GRE test is not good enough.



6. How to write a Waiver letter for GRE?  

After fulfilling the above requirements, you must show them why you want to have a fee concession. Don’t forget to mention your GRE result, while writing the letter. Here, we brought you a creative method to write your waiver letter for GRE. 


6.1. Format of Waiver Letter   

Firstly, you should have a good format for your waiver letter. It will help you in creating your first draft. The format for the waiver letter must be proper and well-structured. 


6.1.1. HEAD

In this portion, you have to write the name of the department for which you are writing this letter. 

You can also write to the department to which you are writing a letter. After that, you write the date.  

After that, you write the name of the course which you are going to do. It is like an introduction to your letter.  


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6.1.2. BODY

This section is important for you and also important for the department because in this section you have to describe the main reason for applying this waiver offer.

  • You have to tell them why you are applying for this.
  • You also have to tell them about your previous academic record and how good you are in your studies and tell them that you are on the merit list so you are eligible for this offer.
  • Tell them how grateful you will be if your offer will accept.


6.1.3. ENDING

In this section,

  • You have to write about your GRE score and tell them how good you are in all portions of the GRE test.
  • Tell them you have full command of analytical writing, verbal and quantitative reasoning.
  • You have to tell them about your results and tell them that you are passionate about this course.



At the end, we have 1 or 2 lines of greetings to close your letter. You need to be humble and grounded while writing this part.  



7. Conclusion   

GRE always looks like a difficult task for undergraduates. However, you can excel in scoring on this exam if you have a great passion to do so. You can achieve your goals and study in your desired institution abroad if you have exceptional scores on GRE. 

 This blog includes everything about GRE and its preparation. There are important details to reimburse your fee or get a student loan through a GRE waiver letter. 

So, Embrace your dreams by getting details of the GRE in this article! 


We cover everything in detail, but if you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments.


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