How To Make a Perfect CV

After graduation, the first thing that comes to our mind is to make a perfect CV to land our dream job.

But normally the recruiter glance at your cv for few seconds & rejects it unless it really stands out.
That’s the reality, my friend.

That’s why a lot of people submit their CVs to many firms but didn’t get a single call from any firm.

Why does this happen?

Does this question ever occur to your mind?

These types of things happen when people don’t take their CV-making process seriously and fail in this process.

So What is the perfect way to create a perfect CV?

There is a pattern that I am going to describe here that will help you make a perfect CV.

1.      Selecting theme

2.      Personal profile

3.      Experience

4.      Academic profile

5.      Skills

6.      Write about your Achievements

7.      Write about Interest

8.      Find mistakes

9.      Upgradation


Selecting theme

Like let’s suppose we are applying for a job and have to submit our CV, so we have to choose the theme that is best as compared to other applicants. The first question that comes to your mind is that what themes are for CV. There are different type of themes or you can say format to create a CV. You can visit different websites like,


There are different types of themes for CV and you can select as you like.

We basically forget about other applicants and make our CV however we like. So choosing theme is important for a perfect CV. If we don’t think of other applicants then we’ll fail to make a best resume (CV and resume is a same thing) and our CV will be left unread.

These are the example of some different theme of CV.






Personal profile

While writing your CV the first we create is our profile which includes our information, contact information, address and some people include their profile picture in this profile session.

After that we write our personal statement in which we write about what we are cable of, what is our field of interest and also what we are planning to do in our future. In your profile, you can also show that how committed you are to your job.

Like suppose you are a web developer then you’ll write:


Like this write about yourself and then give your email, contact no and address. You can add more.




Experience/previous work

After profile section let’s move forward to another step that is writing about our work experience. If you are a freshly graduated person then in this portion you write about your research (if you want to be a teacher or a researcher), or it can also be your final year project. But if you have ever worked before then you have to write that duration and what kind of work you did in that duration and you also states the firm’s name in which you gain your experience.


You can write about your experience like this under your profile and be professional in writing this and better make this session in points.





Academic profile

Now after completing this section, we write about our academic profile. We write about educational degrees or diploma. Your education matters in most of high level firms and it also matter with your good grades and in which year you completed your degree, is there any gape during your studies and also in which college you graduated from.

You can create your academic profile like:



After creating your academic profile, we write about our personal skills. We write about our expertise and skills like the tools you use to do work. Tools or platforms are important and we should select tools according to our job. It also includes other skills like writing skills or many others. You can also write or show (through progress bar) that how expert you are in your skills.

Here is an example in which I put progress bar according to expert level.



Write about your Achievements

The next portion in making a best CV is about your achievements. Achievements like if your project ever selected as a best project or you won any medals or anything regarding your research or in any curricular activity that is related to your job. Like if you are applying for mobile app development then you’ll write if your project ever won a competition or selected for best.




Write about Interest

In a CV you also write about your interest that what you like to do as a profession and writing about interest is good. Its show that you’ll work hard because of your interest of work. Interests are like hobbies in which we happily work hard and we don’t get bored, so it’s important to write about interest so you can get the job you like and you can learn more in your field of interest.



Find mistakes

After writing all these sections the main task is checking your CV for mistakes (grammatically or anything that doesn’t required). Because mistakes in CV are not acceptable so try check your CV and avoid mistakes. You also have to avoid wrong information because it may back fire on you in your professional career and you’ll harm your professional image in front of others.

You should also keep one thing in your mind that your CV should be according to the job you are applying for because if your CV is not relevant according to job than is worthless to the firm and also it’ll be rejected in an instant by just looking at it. So try to make your CV according to the job.

Mistakes can of many types like while typing you can make spelling mistakes or some grammatical mistakes. Sometimes using an odd format of writing in CV can be a mistake so try to avoid that type of mistake and try to use professional format of writing in your CV. Some people add to much irrelevant things in their CV, so try to avoid that also.



The last thing to make your CV perfect is that you should update your CV time by time according to your experience or according to job. So update your CV time by time to make your CV perfect. Upgradation in your CV is necessary in professional life for job. If you want that your resume reaches at top then you should try to update your CV according to the job description. There are other ways to update your CV like  you can gain some more skills and add them in your CV.

These are some main steps that you should use to make your CV perfect and I hope these steps will help you make your CV perfect.



  • The way of presentation is important so while selecting your theme you should select a more professional theme that should be decent because you are presenting yourself in it.
  • Don’t try to make mistakes in your CV because it matters and will create an image to the firm where you submit your CV.
  • Your profile should be professional. Better write main things that matter, not too long not too short.
  • In experience portion try to write your actual experience because you’ll be judged and questioned according to your experience.
  • You can impress people with your CV, so have to upgrade your CV according to experience which you can gain by seeing other person’s CV.
  • In a CV achievements can play an important role but try to write about professional achievements that is relevant and try to avoid irrelevant achievements.


Here is the list of some free CV builders.

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