How To Make a Perfect CV

Learn important steps to make a killer resume for Jobs

Landing a dream job is not difficult when you have an Idea about how to make a perfect CV or a killer resume. 

You may get anxious when you don’t get selected for a position whether it is a scholarship or a Job. But It is all about your first impression on the recruiter.  

Yes! You can win this first-sight of the recruiter by making a CV for the First Job  

Though, It sucks when we don’t have ideas to start. 

Writing a resume is all about having some tricks in mind. Here we have brought 7 easy steps to make a perfect CV for students and professionals.  

So, You can build a professional CV if you are going to read all the steps mentioned below.  


How to Make a Perfect CV in Easy Steps

1. What is the difference between a CV and a Resume? 

2. How to Make a Perfect CV in 7 Easy Steps 

3. Tips to make a Perfect Resume for jobs 

4. Final Thoughts  

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1. What is the difference between CV & Resume? 

Basically, the term Curriculum Vitae (CV)  is used in Europe. It is a document for academic and professional details. It can be long enough to define all the achievements, experience, research, educational background and other skills. 

While the American term for a CV is “Resume”. Resume is comparatively short and concise. It can be built for a specific job position. You can put skills and experience in a resume relevant to the job. 

In Europe, the terms Resume and CV both are used for the same purpose. 



2. How to Make a Perfect CV in 7 Easy Steps   

After graduation, the first thing that comes to our mind is to make a perfect CV to land our dream job. 

Generally, the recruiter glances at your cv for a few seconds & rejects it unless it really stands out. 

The following steps will lead you towards standing out in the crowd of other applications.  

So, Dive into these steps to get hired!

2.1.  Select Catchy Template  

2.2.  Include Personal Statement & Profile 

2.3.  Inclusive Academic Background for Making a Perfect CV

2.4.  Add Professional Experience to Make a Perfect CV

2.5.  Include Skills / Abilities  

2.6.  Write about Achievements  

2.7.  Put in Interests for a perfect resume



2.1. Select Catchy Template 

Suppose we are applying for a job and have to submit our CV, so we have to choose the theme that is best as compared to other applicants. Templates provide a formal structure to your resume or CV. 

The Template should be catchy, decent and spacious to cover each section of your CV.

There are different types of templates or themes to create a CV. You can find different websites to get attractive templates. Here is a portal to build a CV online. 

You can visit these sites to get attractive templates and tips for a professional CV.


Selecting a relevant CV template for your job position is so important. Your resume can not stand out without having a professional and catchy display. 

2.2. Include Personal Statement & Profile

2.2.1. Personal Profile

The first part of your CV is your Profile. It must include your necessary personal & contact details. Your profile may include your professional photo, contact number, email address, LinkedIn profile, residential address or any relevant details. 

2.2.2. Personal Statement for a Perfect CV

After that we write a personal statement, It is like a short introduction to our academic and professional journey in which we write about what we are cable of, what is our field of interest and also what we are planning to do in the future.   

Crafting an attractive introduction or statement is also a significant part of your CV. You should use a motivating tone that shows how loyal you are to your career. 

You must include these points to get a catchy personal statement:  

  • In the first sentence talk about your academic journey & Expertise 
  • Write about one or two soft skills that suit the position 
  • Talk about the connection between your future goals & the role you are applying for 
  • Lastly, tell the recruiter of mutual benefits for the organization while working with you 



2.3. Inclusive Academic Background for Making a Perfect CV

The second part has inclusive academic details. Your education matters in most high-level firms and it also matters with your good grades and in which year you completed your degree, whether is there any gap during your studies and also in which college you graduated from. 

The academic details come first if you are a fresh graduate and do not have enough work experience. The academic details are mostly written in reverse chronological order (the most recent degree is at the top and descends accordingly)   

Reverse Chronological Order example: 

Master’s in Science (MSc)

August 2021 – August 2023  

  • CGPA details 
  • Academic Projects / Research 
  • Academic achievements 
Bachelor’s in Science (BSc)  

May 2019 – May 2021

  • CGPA / Percentages  
  • Projects / Final Assessment 
  • Achievements
Intermediate (FSc) 

February 2017 – March 2019

  • Academic Percentage 
  • Academic activities 
  • Achievements 


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2.4. Add Professional Experience to Make a Perfect CV 

Professional experience includes all the previous work you have done rather than academic activities. 

If you are making a CV for first job then in this portion you write about your research (if you want to be a teacher or a researcher), or it can also be your final year project.  

Some CV for students include the experience, they gain through part-time jobs. If you have any experience or worked for societies, associations and community services you may include this as well. 

The professional Experience section will be written along with name of the position, employment duration, name of the organization and experiences you gained there. This section is also written in reverse chronological order by mentioning the most recent job first and going backwards to the oldest one.  



 2.5. Include Skills / Abilities 

Here we write about our personal skills or abilities. We write about our expertise in specific tools that are used to work. These tools may include Canva, MS Office, Excel, adobe premier pro, photoshop and so on. Tools or platforms should be mentioned according to the job position.  

It also includes other skills like writing, communication, Digital media marketing, language proficiency, leadership, management etc.  

 You can display any skill through the progress bar that how expert you are in your skills. 


2.6. Write about achievements 

The next portion of making the best CV is about your achievements. Achievements give a sense of satisfaction to the recruiter that you are reliable and capable enough. 

It may include a project in which you got the first position or you won a medal or anything regarding your research.  

It can be any co-curricular activity that is related to your job. Like if you are applying for App development, you may add app development competition details where you participated and got first prize.  



2.7. Put in Interests For a Perfect Resume

You can put in your interests to add more value to a resume for Jobs. It helps you to get a suitable position relevant to your interests.  

Interests are like hobbies in which we happily work hard and we don’t get bored, it’s important to write about interests so you can get the job you like and you can learn more in your field of interest.

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3. Tips on How to Make a Perfect CV for First Job 

So, We’ve come up with 7 incredible steps that are going to give you the best CV so far. But the applicants make some mistakes that are needed to be rechecked. 

You should proofread your CV while submitting it for any job position. There are some tips that would help you to make a good resume for jobs.  

3.1. Proofread Content to Make a Perfect CV

3.2. Make it catchy and Concise

3.3. Avoid Wrong Information

3.4. Make it Professional

3.5. Keep updating



3.1. Proofread Content to Make a Perfect CV

After writing all these sections the main task is checking your CV for mistakes (grammatically or anything that doesn’t require). Because mistakes impact adversely on a CV, always proofread your resume and avoid mistakes. 

You must check for any grammar mistakes, irrelevant information and false information. Your CV must have a dominant and transparent appearance. It will make your recruiter go one step further in your selection.  

So, proofreading is important to get selected for an interview.   



3.2. Make it Catchy & Concise 

The most crucial task in making the best CV is to make it captivating. You need to develop your resume as it will attract your recruiter to call you for an interview.  

Make your CV short and concise so that the hiring team will not get bored by long content. Make it concise yet catchy.  

You can use these tips to craft effective CV content 

  • Create a strong beginning (your personal profile must be energetic and well-structured) 
  • Use strong keywords (e.g. potential, acquired, implemented, abstracted) 
  • Show your results in a statistical manner. Use number games or conclude the result that you have gained in your previous job.   

For example; I implemented the best practice and acquired 62% sales on the company’s newly launched product


3.3. Avoid wrong Information  

You also have to avoid wrong information because it may backfire on you in your professional career and you’ll harm your professional image in front of others. 

So, always provide factual data and don’t misinterpret your achievements, experience or anything.  

Your honest action while making a resume will save you from future risks. 



3.4. Make it Professional  

It can be made professional by keeping yourself updated on the industry. Always try to get insights about trends in your field. You need to mention how you have grown and acquired changes in any position. Must mention your personal development. 

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3.5. Keep Updating  

The last thing to make your CV perfect is that you should update your CV frequently according to your experience or according to your job position. 

Your CV can reach high levels of recruitment if you keep updating your resume timely. There are many ways to update your CV, you can gain some more skills and add them to your CV. 

Always, try to provide an updated CV with the most recent activities, achievements, experience or skills.  

4. Final Thoughts 

Making a perfect CV to land your dream job can be tiring. But your dedication to making a catchy resume will help you out.  

This guide contains all the necessary steps to make a killer CV. You will get hired if you follow all the steps and tricks mentioned above.  

So, Make your CV unbeatable with our easy tips and tricks!  


We cover everything in detail, but if you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments.

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