Research Proposal for Scholarship Programs

Get detailed guidelines for writing an effective research proposal to win international scholarships

Winning a research opportunity at an International Institute is all about knowing how to write a Research Proposal for Scholarship programs.

The research scholarships require an essential set of assessments which is a research proposal. A research proposal is a tricky yet significant part of your international scholarship application. 

Yes, we know that writing a killer proposal to get International Scholarship for a research degree is not a piece of cake. However, we brought an ultimate guideline to prepare a good draft of the research proposal. 

So, Hop on to the guide & 

Grab the most straightforward hacks for writing a research proposal! 



How to Write a Research Proposal for Scholarship Programs

1. What is Research Proposal?

2. Importance of Research Proposal for Scholarship Programs

3. How to write a research proposal for International Scholarships?  

4. 7 Incredible Steps to Write a research proposal

5. Final Thoughts



2. What is a Research Proposal?  

The research proposal is a summary of one’s ideas to investigate or deep research on a specific topic or area of study. It contains statements and reasons about why you want to research and what are the major points to research in this particular area. 

Research proposals are often required in the application process of most scholarship programs, specifically, when you’re applying for a master’s, MPhil, or Ph.D. program. It is a brief and coherent representation of the area of study you wish to explore during the study program.

It is necessary to have a proper format for the research proposal. This blog will help you understand the important points about the format of a perfect research proposal for PhD and master’s programs. 

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2. Importance of Research Proposal for Scholarship Programs

A research proposal is a mandatory assessment during scholarship application. The research proposal showcases the candidate’s plan for his research goals. 

It provides the generic idea of the intended study in the form of objectives of the research, questions about the research, Research justifications, Hypothesis, and your understanding of the subject as a whole.

However, it is significant to write a perfect research proposal when submitting your application.

The research proposal also provides you with an opportunity to brief about your ideas on the research topic.
Your ability to explain your study area and critical thinking to come up with a topic that needs actual research. 

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The better you demonstrate your skills and expertise in the research proposal, the bigger your chances to qualify for the scholarship program. 

Also, a comprehensively written research proposal could help you find a satisfactory supervisor. 


3. How to Write a Research Proposal for International Scholarships? 

Here, we go with the most important part of this blog, 

It is important to write a research proposal to get International Scholarship. It may leave you clueless when you start formatting a research proposal. But some of the main things can give a perfect research proposal.   

You must check the official guidelines for research proposals on the University’s website. Some applications require abstract and schedule & plan for research however some don’t require it. 

You can craft a well-structured research proposal for PhD by keeping the important steps in mind that are mentioned below.  


4. 7 Incredible Steps to Write a Research Proposal for Scholarship Programs

No matter whether you’re applying for a master’s, MPhil, or PhD scholarship, a perfect research proposal shall always consist of the following components. 

4.1. Create a Well-Researched Title

4.2. Add Brief Abstract

4.3. Include Research Context  

4.4. Add Research Questions

4.5. Provide Research Methodology in Research Proposal for Scholarship Programs

4.6. Problem Statement & Significance in Research Proposal

4.7. Include Extensive Bibliography

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4.1. Create a Well-Researched Title

The research Title is the first impression of your research proposal. You should always come up with a critically researched title.

Wondering how to do that?

Well, that’s simple enough.

All you need to do is
 – Research your subject of study thoroughly
 – See-through multiple available research papers that match your area of study
 – Align your research goals and objectives
 – Finally, come up with a keyword-optimized title that perfectly fits your subject of research.

The research title should not be too much short or too long. You must have some important keywords from your proposed research to put in Titles. 

Your research title should be compact yet reflect the entire idea of the study in a relevant manner. It would help the selection committee to understand your concepts at first sight and motivate them to read further. 



4.2.  Add Brief Abstract on Research Proposal for Scholarship Programs

The next thing the selection board would come across is abstract, it should have the power to retain their attention.

Mostly, they only go through the abstract to get an idea of your research proposal. That is why an abstract is important in writing a good research proposal.

Your abstract should be brief, to the point and engaging. It must explain everything you’ve put inside the research proposal for scholarship programs.


4.3. Include Research Context 

Now that you’ve gained the selection committee’s attention, You need to provide an overview of your research’s context.

Keep it short but explain why you want to conduct research in your chosen area,
the outcomes you expect from this research,
and how that is going to help the existing literature and studies in the field of study.

It is significant to explain your research context comprehensively so that the committee examine your motivation and commitment to the research. 



4.4.  Add Research Questions 

Next is to frame your research questions in the best way.

No matter how comprehensively you’ve explained your research aims and context. It is required to frame them in the form of SMART questions.

This can help you as well as the selection board determine if your research objectives are actually attainable or not.

SMART is an abbreviation for  






The more SMART research questions you write, the better your proposal has the chance for acceptance.

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4.5. Provide Research Methodology in Research Proposal for Scholarship Programs

Once you’ve put up the questions rightly, it’s time to demonstrate the research methods you wish to implement.

There are multiple research methods to adopt. You just need to pick the one suiting your area of study the best.

The more strategically you propose the research methodology, the better are chances for your research proposal to get accepted.

A clear, strategic, and fine-tuned methodology helps the selection committee to understand your command of research methodologies, knowledge of the Subject/topic and your enthusiasm to achieve research goals and objectives.



4.6. Problem Statement & Significance for Research Proposal

This is the most crucial part of a research proposal. You should always write it carefully.

It helps in explaining the significance of your proposed study. There you put the statements and counter-argument in favour of your topic.

You must talk about the available research in your subject area, highlight the gaps that exist and explain how your research study would fulfil those gaps.

It is important to talk with scientific facts and figures in this section and provide a valid justification for your proposed study.

The chances to get International research scholarships are always based on this section of the research proposal. It must have well-articulated statements.



4.7. Include Extensive Bibliography 

Last but not least, always remember to add an extensive list of bibliographies at the end of your research proposal.

And the golden rule in research is to credit the studies you’ve taken inspiration from.

You didn’t come up with all of the content out of nowhere. The proposal you’re writing must be based on some research, right?

Thus, it’s important that you add references to all the related studies you’ve been through when planning and writing your research proposal. 

This can help to let the assessors know about your hard work and also be a means of giving credit to the existing research papers. 



5. Final Thoughts

Shortly, writing a research proposal to win an International Scholarship is an important and critical part of the application.  

But keeping all the above points in mind, you can master the art of writing a killer research proposal.

However, you can always get professional advice related to forming a credible research title and proposal that’s capable to get you an esteemed scholarship.

We cover everything in detail, but if you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments.

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