University of New Haven Scholarships in USA

Continue the heights of success in USA with University of New Haven Scholarships.

University of New Haven scholarships aim to alleviate some of the burden and help make your educational dreams a reality. You can pursue your master’s degree with a financial backup in the USA.

University of Haven is a private university with all the facilities. You can study many fields related to science, management, social sciences and so on. 

The University of New Haven Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship for international students. It is only available for graduate degrees and covers the tuition of all the candidates.

Let’s dive in and discover the possibilities that await you at the University of New Haven.


University of New Haven Scholarships

1. Types of University of New Haven Scholarships

2. What are the Benefits of New Haven Scholarships?

3. Available Majors and Fields for University of New Haven Scholarships

4. Eligibility Criteria for University of New Haven Scholarships

5. Documents Required for University of New Haven Scholarships  

6. How to Apply for University of New Haven Scholarships

7. What are the Deadlines for the University of New Haven Scholarships

8. FAQs About University of New Haven Scholarships

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1. Types of University of New Haven Scholarships

1.1. Provost’s Assistantship

The University of New Haven offers an exceptional opportunity for new full-time domestic and foreign master’s students. This highly competitive program provides two types of work possibilities to enhance your academic journey.

One of these opportunities is the prestigious Provost’s Assistantship, exclusively available to the most talented new graduate students. If selected for this program, you will be privileged to work for an academic department, dedicating 15-20 hours per week (a total of 550 hours per academic year). In return, you will receive a range of benefits, including:

  • Experiential Learning and Employment
  • 75% tuition assistance
  • Competitive hourly wage


1.2. Dean’s Scholarship Program

The prestigious Dean’s Scholarship is bestowed upon deserving full-time domestic and international master’s students who have showcased outstanding academic prowess through a meticulous assessment of their application materials. As a testament to our commitment to academic excellence, the University of New Haven offers up to 50% tuition support to these exceptional individuals upon their enrollment.


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2. What are the Benefits of New Haven Scholarships?

  • Presidential Scholarship ($20,000 – $24,000 per academic year)
  • Distinguished Scholar Awards ($15,000 – $18,000 per academic year)
  • Charger Award ($10,000 – $14,000 per academic year)
  • Up to $26,000 is awarded to international students.
  • Renewable for up to a maximum of ten semesters and applied only to tuition. 



3. Available Majors and Fields for University of New Haven Scholarships

The University of New Haven Scholarships offer a wide range of degree programs. To see the full list of undergraduate programs click Here.

To see the full list of graduate programs, click Here.



4. Eligibility Criteria for University of New Haven Scholarships

To qualify for the New Haven Scholarship, applicants must meet all of the following requirements.

  • Proficiency in English is a prerequisite for all applicants.
  • The University of New Haven warmly invites international students to submit their applications.
  • Candidates must possess a strong academic background.
  • To apply for a master’s program, candidates must have completed a bachelor’s degree.
  • Successful completion of the university’s master’s degree program is mandatory for all applicants.
  • Scholarships would be awarded purely on merit-based.
  • Applicants must have leadership skills. 

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5. Documents Required for University of New Haven Scholarships

5.1. Application Form

5.2. Academic Transcripts

5.3. English Proficiency Proof (IELTS/TOEFL)

5.4. Recommendation letter

5.5. GRE Test

5.6. Hope certificate (If applicable)

5.7. Research proposal/plan (Optional)

5.8. Statement of Purpose or Motivational Letter

5.9. Proof of Previous Work Experience (Optional)

5.10. Portfolios or workshop

5.11. CV/Resume  

Grab the quickest tricks to make a perfect CV for Jobs & Scholarships


5.1. Application Form

The application form of the University of New Haven is completely defined here. Please click here and go through it step-by-step. 


5.2. Academic Transcripts

This includes all your certificates & academic records like

A: Bachelor’s transcript & certificate

B: Master’s transcript & certificate (if the student is applying for 2nd Master or fellowship)

C: Metric & FSC transcripts (10-12th Grade) (A level) (DMCs) and certificates (Supporting academic documents)

D: Course summary (to explain your courses & how your previous courses & studies resemble your future studies to which you are applying)


All of the above documents should be attested by respective boards.

Also, attest them from issuing authority of home countries. The respective university must attest university documents.

In the case of Pakistan, the above-mentioned documents must be attested by IBCC, HEC, and MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

IBCC authority is only responsible for the attestation of metric and inter documents.

Dear offices are present in Peshawar, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and also in other cities of Pakistan.

HEC office attests to bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. documents. 



5.3. English Proficiency (IELTS/TOEFL) 

Meeting the English language requirements of the University of New Haven is an important step toward achieving your bigger goal.

Generally speaking, students with IELTS 6.5 overall or TOEFL above 100, are considered good.

Nevertheless, these requirements may vary from course to course and degree to degree.

The TOEFL test score is not required during the application but after getting shortlisted, you will be asked to attempt TOEFL. 



5.4. Recommendation letters / Letters of References

The applicants must provide up to 3 letters of recommendation. from the previous university, (Depending upon courses).

It is advised to provide a letter of recommendation from the HOD (Head of the department or Relevant course head) who should be a Ph.D.

The referees need to write their contact details (Email, phone number) at the end of the letter.

The letter must include an official letterhead, signature, and official stamp and must be of the current date.

Ask your Referees to write about your academic achievements & discuss their confidence in you that you are fully compatible with the project or course you wish to pursue.

The referees must also mention how long they have known the applicant & when was the last time they came in contact with the applicant.

After submitting your application, the referee will be contacted directly through email. 


5.5. GRE Score

Certain majors require a GRE score. For more information click here. 



5.6. Hope certificate (If applicable)  

If the final transcript isn’t ready, then students can apply with a Hope certificate from their university.

However, they must graduate before their arrival in the USA.

(Please make sure you contact your university in this regard)

What is Hope’s certificate?

In simple words, it is a certificate based on the previous semester’s performance, that indicates that the candidate will pass the final exams with excellent results.



5.7. Research Plan / Proposal (Optional)

Research publications/ Achievements (conference papers, article review, abstract of thesis)

The research proposal is mostly required for postdocs or PhD students. (Depends upon the courses)

It asks you to write about the research project you agree to complete with the assigned academic advisor.

Your research proposal should be a brief description of your research goals and objectives, the methods with which you wish to process that research, the outcomes you desire, the timeline and budget you have estimated, and the area of study you wish to explore.

It shall be a brief document yet explain the entire vision to the reader so that those analyzing your application could know of your objectives and grant you the scholarship if they match the program’s criteria and eligibility.

Taking help from an external party is strictly prohibited and violation in this regard could lead to your disqualification no matter how incredible your proposal is. 



5.8. Statement of Purpose or Letter of Motivation

Technically SOP (Statement of purpose) and LOM (Letter of Motivation) are the same things.

It’s a Short biography to tell the panellist about yourself:

A letter of motivation or SOP could be a tricky part of applying for the University of New Haven scholarship.

In this letter, you are asked to write about your personal and professional reasons why you are applying for a course & scholarship.

The maximum length of this letter is three pages, but it is advised to make it short & concise to one page. 


How to write a perfect letter of Motivation for University of New Haven Scholarships?

If you are interested in writing your LOM on one page concisely, then follow this exact method.

LOM consists of three parts.

5.8.1.  Introduction (one paragraph)

5.8.2.  Body (3 paragraphs)

5.8.3. Conclusion (1 paragraph)

Let’s explain these three things one by one.

5.8.1. Introduction:

The introduction is the gateway to the rest of the letter. Try to capture their interest in the first few sentences. Be original & creative.

Make it personal & full of enthusiasm.

TIP: Try to initiate a story about yourself relevant to the scholarship you are applying for & then expand it to the first paragraph of the body. 

5.8.2.  Body:

In the first paragraph of the body, try to tell about your relevant academic & experienced background to the course.

And your professional goals attached to the USA & university. Share your expectations of the scholarship.

In the 2nd paragraph be more precise & focus on the specific achievement related to the scholarship & course.

In the 3rd paragraph expand on what you are currently doing & the interesting things you look forward to.

5.8.3. Conclusion:

Tell them why you are the best candidate for the University of New Haven scholarships. Don’t sound needy or use pompous language instead focus on why you deserve it.

Tell them how this scholarship will help you or the future of your community.



5.9. Experience letter

Applicants must provide an Experience letter from their previous jobs and internships.

Try to customize the work experience letter with future studies.

Mention your job descriptions, work projects & the skills you learned through time.

The letter must be signed & verified by the Head or CEO of the company.

The work experience could be Paid



part-time, or voluntary.

It could be done before, during, or after graduation. 



5.10. Portfolios or workshop

It’s optional. However, students can attach portfolios or workshops to support their cases for university admission or scholarship.



5.11.  CV/ Resume

Europass CV can be easily made here.

The CV must contain all the latest & relevant information about your occupation & interests.

A perfect CV must be hand-signed. 

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6. How to Apply for University of New Haven Scholarships

The application for University of New Haven Scholarships is not separately opened, you will be considered for scholarship by default. You need to apply for an undergraduate or master’s program in any of the courses offered by the University.

Application Shortcuts: 

Create Account > Log In > Create Application > Personal Background > Degree Objective > Education History > Test Scores > Professional Experience > Financial Support > Recommendation Letter > SOP > Review > Submit


 6.1. Create an Account 

Firstly, you need to create an account on the Application portal

You will require an email verification to log in to the application portal.





6.2. Login and Create a New Application 

After login to the portal, create an Application by clicking on “Start a New Application”

You need to mention the degree you are going to pursue and the year in which you are applying.





6.3. Start Filling the Application Form  

The application has different sections to be filled out including personal background, education, degree, Statement of Purpose, recommendation letter etc. You must filled each part of the application.


The “Financial Support” includes details about the University of New Haven Scholarships, must fill this section properly.


6.4. Upload Documents  

You need to upload all the documents before submitting your application on the portal.

6.5. Review and Submit

 After, checking all the details and revision. Submit your application! 



7. What are the Deadlines for the University of New Haven Scholarships

The University of New Haven Scholarships 2023 application deadline for graduate admission is November 15, 2023. For Graduate program deadlines click here.  



8. FAQs About University of New Haven Scholarships

1. Are University of New Haven Scholarships available for Undergraduate and Graduate students both?

Yes, the University of New Haven offers scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate students. There are specific scholarships tailored to each level of study, so make sure to explore the options that align with your academic pursuits.

2. Can international students apply for scholarships at the University of New Haven?

Yes, international students are eligible to apply for scholarships at the University of New Haven. The university recognizes the value and diversity that international students bring to the campus community and provides scholarship opportunities to support their education.

3. Do I need to maintain a certain GPA to keep my scholarship?

Some scholarships at the University of New Haven may require recipients to maintain a minimum GPA to retain their funding. It is important to carefully review the terms and conditions of each scholarship to understand any academic performance requirements.

4. Can I apply for multiple scholarships at the University of New Haven?

Yes, you can apply for multiple scholarships at the University of New Haven. Each scholarship may have its own application process and requirements, so be sure to carefully follow the instructions for each scholarship you are interested in.

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